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Turns out that some of our new-in-box Sega Dreamcasts delivered to us magically via unicorn are a little love-worn. You might have seen the Gizmodo, Destructoid, and Consumerist posts about it.

'Cause, see, we don't really know where these Dreamcasts came from--could've been a liquidator, a Circuit City that had closed shop, or a 7-11. We just don't know, and it looks like returned merchandise is in the mix.

So now we've decided to QA/QC all the incoming Dreamcasts to ensure fresh and crispy game play.

Behold Hans working through a pile of consoles and slapping them with "QC PASSED" stickers when they meet muster, just like in the movies! He takes his job very seriously, hugging each console before snuggling it back into its box.

But not really. That would be creepy.


Stardate -313650.56941273477.

The ThinkGeek monkeys traveled to the far reaches of the galaxy to watch the newest Star Trek to grace the viewscreen. Despite our red shirts, we found the theater inhabitants friendly and most of our team returned to the ship unscathed.

Our field report follows. Please be aware you may find slight spoilers, both real and imagined.

TGattheater.jpgStaff reports:

"A genuine Trek, despite having too much Star Wars influence (Delta Vega monsters, Scotty's sidekick, etc), unnecessary exposition, action sequences chained to ridiculous lengths, and not enough time spent on character (re-)development. I'd love to see this Star Trek slowed down for the small screen." --Jacob

"Not enough red shirts slaughtered.  But I liked how everybody died in the end." --Willie

"I honestly enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The opening scene was very moving. The only thing I didn't like was the music. It was just kind of movie lame, rather than being anything grand and special. But all in all, not the Star Wars prequels disaster I thought it could be." --Chris

"Loved it! The nods to the character quirks were brilliant, and it had the perfect balance of action, tech and humor. The new love story was a little weird, but I'll let that one go." --Jen

"Nothing more (or less) than what I expected: a wild, non-stop action ride through space. The poorly written script bounces from one not-so-subtle reference to the cliches of its predecessors while Captain Kirk hangs off the edge of one thing or another. Still, lots of things go boom, bam, and zoom with undeniable eye-catching fun.  So, if that's what you're looking for (and, really, who isn't?), you can't do better than Star Trek." --Ken

"I thought Kirk got all the chicks! I wanna see the Chris Pine/Winona Ryder scene on the cutting room floor!" --Fraize

"As a non Star Trek fan, I loved it. I was especially fond of the mocking of Kirk and Simon Pegg as Scotty. I <3 Simon Pegg. As expected from J.J. Abrams and his people, there were a lot of quick references, so keep your eyes peeled. Its definitely FTW. I'll go see it again." --Andrea

"I'm more of a TNG fan than TOS, but I loved it. Also, assigned seating on opening day FTW." --Regan

"Slickly produced with plenty of TOS-esque cheeseball. My favorite characters were Dr. Cameron, Sylar, Lydia, and Lens Flare." --Carrie

Reviews via the Twitterings:

@upsidedowndog: Hull integrity at 95%.

@LycoLoco: JJ Abrams did for the Star Trek series what Ronald D Moore did for BSG. It was a series reboot/reinvention at its finest.

@HugoMunsterberg: New Star Trek movie is like if Kirk and Picard had a baby. And that baby turned out to be a high-grossing summer blockbuster.

@Daffydil: Hallo, my name is James T Kirk. You killed my father, prepare to die!

@MattAlgren: The kid in front of me said it was "Awesome. Better than Star Wars III." I think that's good.

timmy_mask.gifThinkGeek HQ is ground zero for the first-ever biological virus to make the leap to computer hardware. That's right--today we had an outbreak of H1N1 in our database, and it caused our monkeybots to go crazy and give away some orders for free!

Ok, so we didn't really have swine flu, but we definitely had a glitch that caused some orders so go out at zero cost. You can bet that for a few minutes, the ThinkGeek staff were hoping to jump on the free product train, but we thought better of ourselves and decided to actually fix the problem instead. :)

Since we've always said that our customers are t3h awesome and we love you all so much, we let a bunch of the free orders go through. Heck, you deserve it, you had a rough day too, right? So enjoy your free--nay, priceless--goodies if you were lucky enough to get here in time. Since we plan on not letting that happen again, we hope you enjoyed our one-time only Swine Flu sale.

And since we did such a good job today both breaking and fixing the site, we're going to treat the staff to Star Trek tomorrow afternoon, though the database plans to stay at home to recuperate.
The Internet can be a scary place. Which sucks when you're at work and you want to visit those scary places! We've developed this handy flowchart to help you keep your job.

nsfw.png You're welcome. :)