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We pity the fools in April

Unless you're from bizarro world, you probably realize by now that ThinkGeek enjoys fooling you all with impossible products on April Fools Day. We always try and make our ideas funny yet plausible, which tends to get us in trouble. Why? Because every year we seem to come up with something so weird and fantastic that you actually really really want it. This year it was the Tauntaun sleeping bag, an idea cooked up by Christian, the ThinkGeek designer monkey. The concept was made perfect by Hans's suggestion to make the zipper pull a lightsaber. Brilliant! To make the joke as realistic as possible, we actually had a prototype made by our uber geeky and crafy friend, Misty. Be sure to check out her blog post on how she made it. As you can see from our before and after, we had to tweak it a little in Photoshop, but Misty's prototype was amazing even before we modified it.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Prototype Some other fun April Fools tidbits: #1) The Squeeze bacon was actually made from frosting! We wanted something that would hold up well under photography and video conditions and not go rancid. A combo of shortening, powdered sugar, food coloring, wheat germ created the bacon-looking goo, while the bottle was from a product called 'Coco Real' which we just spray painted and labeled up. It was edible, but it wasn't bacon. #2) Our unicorn chaser was made using pink body wash and lots of glitter, and was decidedly not edible. #3) Those portal shirts took a long time to prototype well, and in our case, the cake was not only not a lie, but delicious!!

We hope you guys had as much of a blast as we did and if you haven't yet, be sure to take a gander at all of our 4/1 goodies. Also, if you are interested in actually owning a Tauntaun sleeping bag, get details here on signing up to get emailed if and when it's released.

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meaningless icon! Darn... all I saw was the bacon but you got me....
IRManGuy said this 3449 days ago.
meaningless icon! At first I forgot what day it was and I saw Squeez Bacon, was momentarily excited, then was mildly depressed.
Dash said this 3449 days ago.
meaningless icon! You guys completely got me. At first I thought something was up but the youtube video for the portal shirts had me convinced. All I can say is that you have to make those shirts. And also maybe the assasins dagger mold.
joeyjoejohnsonshabadoo said this 3448 days ago.
meaningless icon! I was hoping that there would be an adult version of the Tauntaun sleeping bag. I get the joke with squeeze bacon, but a Tauntaun sleeping bag. Is that so weird?!
slipnburn said this 3446 days ago.
meaningless icon! I just want the flipping Ice Dagger. I mean...a DAGGER made of ICE! I need me an instructable!
qp n crossbones said this 3446 days ago.
meaningless icon! I really wanted some of that Squeez Bacon!
CheeseMcGee said this 3446 days ago.
meaningless icon! So you guys had a small version of the plush tauntaun head already? And as a follow up, why do you guys always capitalized tauntaun? Is it a proper noun like Encarnacion? Also, where did you get the entrails pattern? I want that as wallpaper in my new bathroom.
etherknight said this 3446 days ago.
meaningless icon! I almost cried when I tried to order the ice dagger mold. Cruel...just cruel...
shadowbot said this 3437 days ago.
meaningless icon! The ice dagger is probably more practical than Chester Gould's old Dick Tracy episode where the assassins used bullets made of ice.
Kaleberg said this 3435 days ago.
meaningless icon! i only just now realised the squeeze bacon was fake. i almost cried. please invent if for real! you're geniuses, figure it out!
jcameron2010 said this 3425 days ago.
meaningless icon! As far as the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag goes ... should it ever really be made I wish to start a campaign for an adult sized sleeping bag. Why should the kids have all the fun? I would seriously by this and give it to guests who stayed at my house to use for the night. I would even use it myself.
Princess Leia said this 3420 days ago.
meaningless icon! I am so hurt, very hurt. I have been raving about this product to friends, family and anyone who would listen. I decide to take a peek at the blog and I find it was all a hoax... Ouch. My heart probably couldn't take real squeeze bacon but it definitely can't take this... </3
JustinM said this 3391 days ago.
meaningless icon! my boyfriend always tells me... if youre going to kill someone, use an icicle.. i wanted to give him that mold as a joke.. but its not there.. you guys should do that though! (please)
kcar said this 2867 days ago.

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