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Who's watching the Watchmen? We are!

These last few days have been exciting here at geek HQ, with many of the staff atwitter (in both senses) after having seen Watchmen. The reviews have come pouring in of course, and we thought we'd distill some of them for you in easily-digestible Twitter-like chunks. (Wow, two Twitter references in 2 sentences!) So check out what the monkeys at ThinkGeek are saying about Watchmen:

Watchmen - quis custodiet ipsos custodes
  • Danny says, "Watching the movie feels just like reading a comic book, although I've never read the original story"

  • Jacob's thoughts were "Flame me if you want, but the new ending is so much better. When I read the book, I thought Alan Moore was just trying to see how far he could stretch the geekly suspension of disbelief."

  • Fraize summarized: "The world's smartest man has super-ninja-monkey-moves, the biggest badass wears a fedora, and the superman exists - and he has a great big blue swinging... ego."

  • Carrie told us "The first scene was rhythmically filmed and paced just like a drawn page from the book, but the editing went downhill from there."

  • Shane raved "Visually stunning, captured the feel of the comic perfectly. Acting was top notch, and frankly I loved the movie - even though I'm positive Alan Moore would hate it (provided he ever watched it)."

  • and Rob sums things up by saying "Action packaged and anatomically correct!"

So what did YOU think of Watchmen? Let us know in the comments!
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meaningless icon! I saw it on Saturday, and it was friggin' awesome. It left me wanting to buy the comic to read it <3.
Mayiyan said this 3479 days ago.
meaningless icon! great movie. must buy watchmen merchandise now.
groovecoder said this 3479 days ago.
meaningless icon! Twitter-dee, twitter-dum.
Arisu_2 said this 3479 days ago.
meaningless icon! I liked it, seemed the ending was a lot more heartfelt than the comic was, even though it needn't be. And it was definately more belevable.
bsparks said this 3479 days ago.
meaningless icon! I chuckle a little inside when someone acts like Alan Moore somehow invented the concept of a deconstructionist parable of the superhero paradigm. I wish they would make a Squadron Supreme movie, but without all the gore and swinging pipe, I doubt it would outsell Watchmen.
etherknight said this 3479 days ago.
meaningless icon! As a person that hasn't read the original, I enjoyed the experience, but still want to read the comic. Rorschach is my favorite sociopath, and did we really need so much floppy icy blue dong? lol And C'mon, Dr. Manhattan didn't ever feel any intuition of the plans in motion? Other than that, great movie =^_^=!
Cloudibubble said this 3479 days ago.
meaningless icon! I read the original comic years ago, and was in the perfect position to see the movie (I remembered enough to be geekily happy when I saw it on the screen, and had forgotten enough to not know who the bad guy was). As I was hoping it to be, the movie was absolutly fraking amazing! Almost all of it was directly out of the comic, and the parts they did change (the ending), I actually liked better than the print version. I loved that they didn't shy away from some darker or awkward aspects from the comic (Comedian/Silk Spectre, Night-Owl having issues with his, uh, barn owl...). I can't wait to get it on disc so I can see all the stuff I missed (you *did* catch David Bowie, didn't you??).
BadCat said this 3479 days ago.
meaningless icon! I still need money for to go see it :(
spitfire6006006 said this 3479 days ago.
meaningless icon! Speaking of Superman, did you notice that during the scene with Comedian shooting at rioters in the city, there as a superman effigy?
metad said this 3478 days ago.
meaningless icon! late watching the movie (just saw it like two/three weeks ago), but saw it. Loved it. Read the GN. Loved that too- but I have to agree, I like the movie ending better. Jackie E. Haley as Rorschach was totally kickass.
Cureless said this 3424 days ago.
meaningless icon! In my opinion, the way Rorschach disposes of the two-dogs guy is better in the trade paperback. Less 'Rar, I killz you! I are crazy now!', more 'It takes longer to saw through handcuffs than flesh and bone. Make your choice.' But other than that, awesome to watch. What changes were made are understandable for movie conversion.
Parodius said this 3415 days ago.

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