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ThinkGeek Calls Galactica A Wrap

The Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica re-made the world and the mythos of Starbuck, Apollo, Adama, and their quest for Earth. There were early surprises, like putting women in the roles of Starbuck and Boomer, and the revelation of humanoid Cylons. There were the set design surprises: They still use cassette tapes and curly phone cords? Isn't this the future? Yeeeaaah, about that...is it too late to say 'spoiler alert'?

apollo-oh-no-not-again.jpgTo see how our house-brand Galactica fan monkeys took the ending, we followed the unscientific research method of just asking them. Our preliminary findings indicate that:

  • Fraize thought, "Nice finale, but the whole thing felt like one big writing exercise to me - except he kept writing himself into a corner, and could only awkwardly and poorly work his way out."

  • Jen claimed, "I liked it. It was wrapped up with a nice pretty bow. Of course, it would have been great to have everybody live happily ever after, but then it wouldn't be 'cool' would it?"

  • Carrie sighed, "It felt like watching a funeral, and not in a 'celebration of life' kind of way. Very dirgeful."

  • Jacob griped, "In a setting where people can be fabricated and programmed, it was incredibly lazy to wrap it up with a lot of cape-and-top-hat-wearing magic. I still have the old theme running through my brain, tho'"

  • and Willie admitted, "Stopped watching the series towards the beginning of season four when Baltar headed up that monotheistic cult. Just got dis-interested. Unlike most though, I can still watch the finale for the first time!"

We know our viewpoints might just be Cylon programming, though, so we checked with the greater Twitterverse to gain some objectivity:

  • @jenxdigital: The Bill/Laura ending was the saddest, I think...his love was gone, and he was all alone. Everything else, honestly made sense.

  • @ripetomato: Wish there was resolution re:Starbuck. Sad that mains who lost someone had to be alone-Adama, Tyrol, Lee to some extent. Epilogue was cheesy

  • @CarolynLindeman: The only thing that puzzles me is the blatant social commentary at the end. The other social issues were woven into the story line well.

  • @thebrassbunny: I think the fact that not a lot of people are talking about this "grand finale" speaks volumes.
What did you think of the finale? Will Dollhouse fill the void in your Friday nights? Are you planning to tune in to The Plan this fall? Are you taking a vow of silence until Caprica is eventually released? Tell us in the comments!
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meaningless icon! Well, Dollhouse has jumped up in the interest meter after the 6th episode, that's for sure. So, my void has been filled... oh, btw, didn't watch a single episode of BSG, remakes bore me
Nchalada said this 3466 days ago.
meaningless icon! I humbly think that this was the best sci-fi series I ever watched. Sure there are a few things I would have done differently along the way, but still, it was a consistent, deep, glorious story of what defines as human, the good and bad parts.
franksands said this 3466 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Nchalada: Remakes bore you? I don't think you understand how awesome BSG is :)
Sembiance said this 3466 days ago.
meaningless icon! I may have cried like a baby during the last hour...
YodaBaby said this 3466 days ago.
meaningless icon! First, thanks for including my tweet :). 140 characters is too little to really convey how I felt, really. The ending made sense of a lot of things, at least to me. And, it ENDED, unlike so many other series. Sure, there was a theological undertone to the ending...but, um, there was a theological undertone to the SHOW. God, Gods, Creators, visions, angels, etc. Everyone had a role to play, and, IMO, it finally made sense.
jenxdigital said this 3466 days ago.
meaningless icon! I liked the ending. I felt it fit the show nicely, showed that everyone really did have a role. I was worried about Starbuck at the end, of course my fear came true and she went poof :(. I'm not sure if I liked how they started over, but I can understand why they did so i'm ok with it.
Joshikins said this 3464 days ago.
meaningless icon! In general I was pleased with it.. but the whole "hey it was God after all!" thing made me cringe. That's not the same level of writing that I once enjoyed with this show-- that's Bobby Ewing in the Shower stuff. That said, it did capture my attention for the entire run of the show, and I can't think of many television efforts that have.
BurkeNebbish said this 3458 days ago.
meaningless icon! hmmmm
Yramevol said this 1552 days ago.

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