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***UPDATE, 2/6/09***

We decided to end the contest/giveaway/nicething a little early due to--well, why wait to give classrooms what they need? So after receiving 407 votes, the polls are closed. Here's how it shook out:

The top 5 geek-approved classroom projects:
Say Cheese!
Toy Library for the Disabled
Miss Anderson Reading Items
We Don't Get the Point
Drama Students Need Video Camera

We donated our $500 to the top two classrooms, and got about halfway through classroom three before we ran out of moola. That means there's still tons of classrooms out there that need help, including the reading materials, pencil sharpener, and camera needed above.

And, drumroll please, our lucky $75 gift certificate winner is ... @dbenson who entered via Twitter!

Thanks to everyone who voted! We'll probably do something like this again, so stay tuned. We'll also give updates on how the classrooms are doing if we hear from them again--we hope we do!

candyheart_med.jpg The ThinkGeek robo-cupid monkeytrons have decided to donate $500 to geeklings across the country who need technology in their classrooms, but we're having a hard time choosing which classrooms need it most. Can you help aim our benevolently technophilic arrows?

Please take a look at DonorsChoose.org for classrooms you think need some geek love, and vote for your favorite by tweeting the url to @thinkgeek with tag #geek<3 or by writing your vote on our Facebook wall by 6pm EST on Friday, February 13th.

Everyone who votes will be entered to win a $75 ThinkGeek gift certificate, and if you vote on Twitter and Facebook you'll be entered to win twice and we won't call you a cheater.

candyheart_twitter.jpg And once you've voted, it'd be lovely if you'd slap this badge on your webspacebook of choice, or even replace your pretty Twitter face for a little while.

We'll make our $500 donation to classrooms in need by February 14th, and announce the randomly chosen gift certificate winner on February 16th.

how to share geek<3
  1. Take a look at DonorsChoose.org's classrooms in need of tech and pick your favorite
  2. Vote by tweeting the classroom's url to @thinkgeek with tag #geek<3 or writing the url on our Facebook wall by 6pm on Feb 13th
  3. Hug your computer
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meaningless icon! Dude, how do I tag stuff on Twitter?
Eggbert said this 3788 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Eggbert - to tag on twitter just include the text #geek<3 as part of your tweet. But don't worry, if you leave it off, we'll count it.
Jen said this 3788 days ago.
meaningless icon! This is a great contest! I voted (via twitter) and also just donated to a smaller project that involved flip cameras and First Aid videos.
Nerdette27 said this 3788 days ago.
meaningless icon! That's a great contest! let's spread the geek <3
4r45h1 said this 3787 days ago.
Philosopher said this 3787 days ago.
meaningless icon! This is so cool! Just tagged for 3 health and fitness causes, including geocaching. Maximize convergent interests!
Emma7926 said this 3786 days ago.

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