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Rejected Product #187

As we've stated before, we get a lot of unsolicited product ideas from potential vendors hoping ThinkGeek will help make them Oprah-Rich. A lot of these products, in a word, suck. Some are just not our audience (thanks, but no - we don't want any more Keep-On-Truckin' pillowcases), and some are just bizarre.

There is a fourth category, though, that always catches our eye. A product that may or may not be good, but has totally indecipherable instructions such that they are accidentally hilarious. This is one of those products.

Please note - these are the actual instructions on the side of the packaging. 
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meaningless icon! what the hell?
Holy_Cow said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! .... wow.... just wow.
Dinkin said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wow. That's some rock and roll haircut Engrish. Way improving up belongs to mine: http://itninja.buzznet.com/sizes/727970/gallery/?type=user
etherknight said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! Haha major lolz.
GameDreamer said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! That looked really, really stupid but the gun looked like a lot of fun to play with! Well, okay. Fun for a few minutes but yeah.
Wendows88 said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! Lol i like most of these products.
That guy with the face. said this 3777 days ago.
meaningless icon! please sell it. i want it just for those awesomely descriptive instructions
abba12 said this 3777 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wow...talk about murdering the English language.
LaughingMatter said this 3777 days ago.
meaningless icon! Written in Japanese, translated to Greek, then instructions sent to Swaziland for further translation. Out for some Plutonian verbige, on to Taiwan, then finally some poor fella from Ecuador tried to make the final translation to English...
HELONURS said this 3771 days ago.
meaningless icon! Dam, I wish I had one of those I could have to use to serenade a deaf raccoon with... ...or not... :) Thank you all Team Think Geek for protecting us all from the trash of the universe!
g33kysc077y said this 3765 days ago.
meaningless icon! just another day at the office, right?
ACE275 said this 3765 days ago.
meaningless icon! ...so, yes game being stupid was for the little man ... but having gun module handheld complete effects for not being overlaid sound by editor of video? Other words have clarity of the idea that gun sounds cool alone or just fake sound track? Since being the sound and responses of truth gun with laser, toy to being fun would have the appeal appealing to my desire. (Yes -- I do speak English goodly and am not being a bot - haha)
CPUnk said this 3749 days ago.
meaningless icon! Um, what?! Did someone have too much time on their hands.. I think so!
err....... said this 3742 days ago.

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