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February 2009 Archives

Our resident T-Shirt girl, Regan, turned another year older today, and in her honor and to further proclaim our collective love of all things bacon, we whipped up a collaborative birthday cake. She loves cats. She loves bacon. And since we're also fans of Scalzi and his BaconCat, we came up with this delicious combo of cake, kittehs, buttercream and bacon fantasies. We present to you "Giant Bacon on Tiny Kittehs".

bacon-on-kittehs.jpgNOM. Happy Birthday, Regan!
As we've stated before, we get a lot of unsolicited product ideas from potential vendors hoping ThinkGeek will help make them Oprah-Rich. A lot of these products, in a word, suck. Some are just not our audience (thanks, but no - we don't want any more Keep-On-Truckin' pillowcases), and some are just bizarre.

There is a fourth category, though, that always catches our eye. A product that may or may not be good, but has totally indecipherable instructions such that they are accidentally hilarious. This is one of those products.

Please note - these are the actual instructions on the side of the packaging. 

Epic Epoch, Dude

1234567890. Numerologists and nerds are counting the seconds until this number resonates throughout the internet tomorrow (74,999 seconds to go as I write this).

If you don't already have your Epoch Clock ready (we do, here and here), you might want to retain your geek cred by putting coolepochcountdown.com up on the largest LCD you can find or attending one of the many 1234567890 parties worldwide to celebrate this unique moment.

1234567890-day.jpgOn New Year's Eve, each time zone celebrates one at a time as the planet turns, but 1234567890 celebrants will all be cheering at the very same moment, even though the local clocks will read 23:31:30 Friday in Greenwich, England and 1:31:30 Saturday in Johannesburg, South Africa and 7:31:30 Saturday in Kaifeng, China and 18:31:30 Friday here at ThinkGeek HQ (as pictured)!

Happy one billion, two-hundred-thirty-four million, five-hundred-sixty-seven thousand, eight-hundred-ninetieth second of the Unix Epoch! Here's to another billion seconds of uptime!
In case you've missed it, today is Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday. He's a bit of a hero amongst us geeks, having come up with the theory of evolution and all. In honor of this momentous occasion, we could only think of one idea for a cake that fit both ThinkGeek and Darwin.

Behold, the monkey cake! We'll admit, the monkey could use a little evolving, as he really just looks kind of blobular and maybe even a little scary. But you can't deny chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, no matter what form it takes.

darwin-monkey-cake.jpgSo Happy Birthday, Chuck. You rule.

***UPDATE, 2/6/09***

We decided to end the contest/giveaway/nicething a little early due to--well, why wait to give classrooms what they need? So after receiving 407 votes, the polls are closed. Here's how it shook out:

The top 5 geek-approved classroom projects:
Say Cheese!
Toy Library for the Disabled
Miss Anderson Reading Items
We Don't Get the Point
Drama Students Need Video Camera

We donated our $500 to the top two classrooms, and got about halfway through classroom three before we ran out of moola. That means there's still tons of classrooms out there that need help, including the reading materials, pencil sharpener, and camera needed above.

And, drumroll please, our lucky $75 gift certificate winner is ... @dbenson who entered via Twitter!

Thanks to everyone who voted! We'll probably do something like this again, so stay tuned. We'll also give updates on how the classrooms are doing if we hear from them again--we hope we do!

candyheart_med.jpg The ThinkGeek robo-cupid monkeytrons have decided to donate $500 to geeklings across the country who need technology in their classrooms, but we're having a hard time choosing which classrooms need it most. Can you help aim our benevolently technophilic arrows?

Please take a look at DonorsChoose.org for classrooms you think need some geek love, and vote for your favorite by tweeting the url to @thinkgeek with tag #geek<3 or by writing your vote on our Facebook wall by 6pm EST on Friday, February 13th.

Everyone who votes will be entered to win a $75 ThinkGeek gift certificate, and if you vote on Twitter and Facebook you'll be entered to win twice and we won't call you a cheater.

candyheart_twitter.jpg And once you've voted, it'd be lovely if you'd slap this badge on your webspacebook of choice, or even replace your pretty Twitter face for a little while.

We'll make our $500 donation to classrooms in need by February 14th, and announce the randomly chosen gift certificate winner on February 16th.

how to share geek<3
  1. Take a look at DonorsChoose.org's classrooms in need of tech and pick your favorite
  2. Vote by tweeting the classroom's url to @thinkgeek with tag #geek<3 or writing the url on our Facebook wall by 6pm on Feb 13th
  3. Hug your computer