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Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin!

In case you've missed it, today is Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday. He's a bit of a hero amongst us geeks, having come up with the theory of evolution and all. In honor of this momentous occasion, we could only think of one idea for a cake that fit both ThinkGeek and Darwin.

Behold, the monkey cake! We'll admit, the monkey could use a little evolving, as he really just looks kind of blobular and maybe even a little scary. But you can't deny chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, no matter what form it takes.

darwin-monkey-cake.jpgSo Happy Birthday, Chuck. You rule.

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meaningless icon! Hehe, I was laughing at bizarro-monkey even as I was fighting with the chocolate butter cream frosting. I was pretty sure the crew would accept free cake regardless of how well it resembled a monkey, though. Which isn't how it went for Charles Darwin: living in a world where the divine origin of the human animal was taken for granted, it took him 20 years just to work up the nerve to publish, and many years of hate mail followed. Maybe things would have been easier for him if he'd printed The Origin of The Species on free cake.
Jacob said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! It's true. It could have looked like just a monkey's butt and we still would have eaten it. ThinkGeek monkeys LOVE CAKE. Hint, hint, everyone.
Chris M said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ya darwin is a def hero especially the rewards made to honor him:)
Mustadio said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! Watch out, you might end up on Cake Wrecks. ;-)
shegeek said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! Damm...shegeek, you beat me to it!
hydromjstik said this 3778 days ago.
meaningless icon! I dunno.... I still think the cake is a lie....
Jiggily said this 3773 days ago.
meaningless icon! kake iz kake...dont mattuh how eet luks!
HELONURS said this 3766 days ago.

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