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ThinkGeek's Drum Kit T-Shirt rocks the Tonight Show

Did you happen to catch the Tonight Show last night? If you did, you would have seen John Melendez (aka Stuttering John) rocking out on our Drum Kit T-Shirt! For some unexplained reason, the shirt was on the "Bizarre Christmas Gifts" segment. Come on now... the Drum Kit is totally mainstream! All the geeks have one...

Here's a shot of Jay and John rocking the shirt:

drumkit-tonightshow.pngAnd be sure to watch the whole segment, it's fun timez.

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meaningless icon! Awesome thinkgeek and Jay Leno, my two favorite things :D
Azuris said this 3408 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hahaha, awesome. Although you should have brought a marshmallow launcher... the look on Jay's face when high-velocity foamy goodness came speeding towards him would have been priceless. You know he deserves it. He hasn't been funny in years.
GameDreamer said this 3408 days ago.
meaningless icon! I would have expected it to be the soundtrack shirt. Still, very nice :)
Dash said this 3408 days ago.
meaningless icon! Give unto Think Geek what is Think Geek! Give everything else onto me!
HiddenFromEyes said this 3408 days ago.
meaningless icon! I truly hope this flirting with the mainstream media does not go to Thinkgeeks' head. If I /ever/ see a Thinkgeek TV commercial I swear I will digitally hang myself.
etherknight said this 3398 days ago.
meaningless icon! ya i agree w/ etherknight dont sell out!! keep it real and geeky!
SCORE said this 3397 days ago.
meaningless icon! Oh don't worry about that - we won't be making commercials! But if Leno or whoever wants to pimp our stuff, we won't turn 'em down!
Jen said this 3391 days ago.
meaningless icon! Come on! Are you guys geeks or what? I HAVE to log in to comment on a blog? And where are the Add This, Share This, Bookmark This widgets? fgs get Twitters for your products. The products are great but you stop people from sharing them easily.
sms said this 3273 days ago.

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