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December 2008 Archives

Did you happen to catch the Tonight Show last night? If you did, you would have seen John Melendez (aka Stuttering John) rocking out on our Drum Kit T-Shirt! For some unexplained reason, the shirt was on the "Bizarre Christmas Gifts" segment. Come on now... the Drum Kit is totally mainstream! All the geeks have one...

Here's a shot of Jay and John rocking the shirt:

drumkit-tonightshow.pngAnd be sure to watch the whole segment, it's fun timez.

Every so often, the monkeybots manning the S.S. ThinkGeek close their laptops, set aside their iPhones and Blackberries, and unplug. Yes, it's true. Sometimes we disconnect from the stream of ones and zeros and read dead trees. Ok, there are a few of us that read virtual dead trees via our Kindles, but you get the point, right? We read! And what do we read? OH, such the plethora of geeky subjects we have covered in our literary travels, where to begin? Here's an idea... how about with John Scalzi, since that's the title of this post anyway? :P

Many of us have read Scalzi's books and totally dig them, but none of us has one of his books dedicated to them. Oh wait, YES, one of us has! You see, our very own T-Shirt GirlTM Regan, shared a cubicle wall with Scalzi in the days before the dotcombust and gave him some of the earliest feedback on his novels.
scalzi.jpgWe love the novel, despite the dedication to Regan. HA! Just kidding. But we're not kidding about Scalzi's books. We lurve them. Timmy sez, "Go pick one up today!"