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From April-Fools to Force-Choke

Last year's April-Fools joke became a real product, and this year was no exception. Behold, the mighty Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt!

We had nearly as much fun making the shirt as we did making the video for it. The conference room scene had poor Matt munching on doughnut after doughnut when Ty would flub his lines. You can't see it, but Matt's got a trash-bin full of spit-out masticated carbohydrate-rings sitting on the floor next to him. 

If it looks like everybody is about to bust out laughing, it's cause we were! It was really hard keeping a straight face between scenes!

Look ye upon the face of the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt and rejoice!

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meaningless icon! Analysis: delicious i find ur lack of faith (in the soundtrack shirt) disturbing!! hahaha that was a good idea! great vid. i will get the shirt to reenact it w/ geekfriends
SCORE said this 3433 days ago.
meaningless icon! What I lack in acting talent, I make up for in... nothing. Sigh. Well at least I got a donut out of it (and not one of the ones Matt kept spitting out).
Rich said this 3433 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm not crying...I just have something in my eye... both of them...at the same time...I've been waiting for this shirt for a while now. I can't wait to get one and see how much trouble I mean fun I will have with it. :)
HiddenFromEyes said this 3432 days ago.
meaningless icon! THIS is incredible. Amazing. Breathtaking. I have been moved to tears. I just ordered one.
Miicromuffin said this 3431 days ago.
meaningless icon! Awesome...
macoronikevin said this 3430 days ago.
meaningless icon! What we forgot to mention is how much time and love we put into the music that comes preloaded on the shirt. Yup, almost every one of them tunes is a TG original. Sometimes we spoofed a famous melody, sometimes we adapted a song for your pleasure, and sometimes we just put dog treats on our keyboards and hit "record" as the pups scampered and slobbered all over the keys. And we did it for y'all. All y'all.
Chris M said this 3429 days ago.
meaningless icon! i like that that was funny i would have definatly gone for the girl unleees... what tipe of donut was that ? I I I meen definitly the girl but then the shirt comes in to play donut,female,or...AMAZINGLY AWSOME ROCKIN SWEET TO GOOD FOR THE GODS BESTEST SHIRT EVER MADE SHIRT hmmm this is a tuffy i must think about this
l33tg33k said this 3429 days ago.
meaningless icon! Sexeh. My boyfriend should feel threatened.
Calvinandhobbes said this 3429 days ago.
meaningless icon! Nerds! All of you! NERDS! The force choke was pretty f'ing funny :)
kathulhu said this 3426 days ago.
meaningless icon! After laughing wildly and geeking out big time imagining the Rocky soundtrack playing during a pitifully sad workout, or applause and cheers to be used annoyingly often at the work desk, I was sad to discover that your Big Guy Geeks who need a little more room in the shirt [yes I am talking 3X and I did say pitifully sad workout sheesh :-) ]...were not covered on this one (yeah pun.."covered" get it..ha..). Still an awesome idea! [Insert applause and cheers here]
Smiling Elephant said this 3425 days ago.
meaningless icon! awesome-ness levels are at critical captian!
Qthedude said this 3425 days ago.
meaningless icon! I want the Family Guy music on it: "ridin on the bu-u-us..."
Jennybird said this 3424 days ago.
meaningless icon! oh shoot! that is amazing! it would be frak'n awesome if you uploaded they sound of a bomb falling. then HAVOC!!! LoL. so when they say sales are dropping, _............._XBOOM will be the sound you hear! ha.
Master Amethystll said this 3422 days ago.
meaningless icon! lol
happy lucky fireworks co said this 3382 days ago.

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