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October 2008 Archives

This past Friday we had an amazing lunch courtesy of our Iron Chef Lunch series planned by our WTF (What The Fun!) Committee. Every month or so, we choose a special ingredient and folks bring in food featuring that featured ingredient. This latest installment was the third, after Iron Chef Potato and Iron Chef Carbonated Beverage.  So far it was the greatest one yet.

The entries were varied and nom-a-licious. We had pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bruschetta, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin roll, 2 kinds of pumpkin pies, pumpkin swirl brownies, afghan pumpkin kadu (a savory pumpkin and rice dish), pumpkin kugel, pumpkin-ated pork chops and pumpkin empanadas. It was like Thanksgiving and a bake sale rolled into one gluttonous afternoon of eating. It was delicous. It was pumpkinriffic. it was awesome.

ironchefpumpkin-small.jpg The winner by votes was the Afghan Kadu, but everything was so yummy, we didn't care about winning, as long as we could keep coming back for seconds and thirds all afternoon. nom.

We're thinking the next Iron Chef Lunch will be... food on a stick!

A harried fan wrote in to ask where he could find geeky wedding bands for him and his beloved. We pillaged some of our trustworthy resources, such as Slashdot (hi, Sis!), Geek Sugar, and Boing Boing as a starting point to put together this list of our favorites. You should find something that's right for you two whether your connection is Cat 5, USB, or simple animal.... er, mineral... magnetism.


1) Some of these were created explicitly as part of a project or exhibition. The creator may not be making more, but if you love it, it can't hurt make contact.
2) Etsy is a great resource for hooking up with independent jewelers and finding creative alternatives to the mainstream.
3) If you want to make your own ring literally, check out Wedding Ring Workshop which we found via Offbeat Bride.

Do you have a great geeky wedding ring? Post it.

Want to get a sneak peek at one of the new ThinkGeek products coming down the pipeline? Well check out this extreme closeup of our newest product that is launching early next week.

mystery-product-001.jpgWant to venture a guess? The person that guesses first or comes closest wins a free one! Good luck! And like we have to say, NO, employees are not eligible to enter or win because you already know what it is, duh.

UPDATE:  Ok either we made the contest way too easy, or you people are super smart. Well, you are geeks after all, so your collective IQs are clearly above average. The secret product is the Dismember-Me Plush Zombie - a product invented by the monkeys at ThinkGeek.

Anyhoo, the big winner is @etherknight! YAY for you! We'll contact you through the bat phone (ok, via the email address on your account) to get you your free Zombie. Congrats ethernight and to everybody who figured out what it was. We'll make it harder next time, promise!