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Where ThinkGeek Defective Products Go To Die

Ok, so most retailers probably don't like to talk publicly about the existence of defective products. Here at ThinkGeek, we love defective products. We get to tinker with them and figure out why they are broken. Occasionally we'll even send a batch of defective doodads and gizmos over to the fine students at the Thomas Jefferson High School For Science & Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. We shouldn't have all the fun all the time.

tj-deadproducts-1.jpg The students get to tear the products apart, test the components, figure out how they work and then build stuff back however they want to. This is good. It teaches students at a a prime age that the little metallic warning sticker on the back of the VCR is just a suggestion, not a mandate. Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to show the faces of these future tech overlords of America in these pictures because the Internet is occasioned by Boggarts and Vermicious Knids, but trust us - they look as smart as they are.

Have fun kids. And remember what ThinkGeek taught ya, 'It doesn't matter if it's broke or not broke, just take it apart and fix it anyway...'

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meaningless icon! I go to TJHSST! My friend and I are seniors, and we are going to find that room tomorrow (the monitor orientation in the second picture is very telling of a certain room) and tinker ourselves! I hope they're still there.
BinaryBlanket said this 3522 days ago.
meaningless icon! As the aforementioned friend, I agree that we have a need for mechanical exploration at TJ. Thank you ThinkGeek for providing such an amazing opportunity!
icanhasTechnology said this 3522 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wow, that's so cool! (another senior at TJ speaking :D)
profligans said this 3521 days ago.
meaningless icon! WOW! Wish they had someone like you to send us stuff when I was in highschool...that was like a very, very long time ago...I only got to take my mother's vacuum cleaner apart and put it back together.
HELONURS said this 3521 days ago.
meaningless icon! nice, i love the closer. what's the first thing i did when i got my brand spanking shiney new macbook pro? i took it apart. very carefully. and then i threw in some metal filings and turned it on to see what would happen. it was a beautiful display of fireworks. seriously though, taking sh.. stuff apart is the best way to learn. try to have a schematic on hand as well. then trace the signal paths with your multimeter and o'scope. no o'scope? use your tongue. eventually you'll be able to distinguish frequencies as well as waveforms using only the tools god gave you. and to think, my interest in electricity started with peeing on an electric fence.
thinkdunson said this 3520 days ago.

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