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September 2008 Archives

The news came down yesterday that our old pal Jack Thompson has been disbarred. We sure will miss the hours of entertainment he provided us, as well as the emails and faxes he sent us ranting about our role in the decline of humanity for supporting video gaming and those crazy guys over at Penny Arcade.

jack-thompson2.jpgBuh bye Jack, ya old fart.


Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Today be "International Talk Like a Pirate Day".  It don't matter if ye be a landlubber or a true Buccaneer, ye should show respect for t' masters o' t' sea and splice the mainbrace! Don't hang the jib if ye ain't prepared to go on the account, but show respect for t' Corsairs out there, lest ye see the Jolly Roger in ye rear view mirror...

And don't forget, me hearties, be aye t' head over and check out t' pirate related wares we're sellin'!
If you ever needed convincing that Bawls has almost supernatural powers, check out this customer e-mail we received:

   "i got a case o bawls and im running low so im ordering more. 
omg i drank one and i freaked about how it kept me awake i
cant believe the bawls guarana works. im buying more so can
u ship it fast? hey do you get free stuff because you work for
think geek? think geek rocks and the wait our monkey are
processing your order is funny keep up the excellent work"

We're not sure exactly who it was that sent us that email, but we suspect it was this guy:



ThinkGeek Hearts Cake

It's a cakey Friday here at ThinkGeek HQ. The monkey that invented the 8-bit tie is having a birthday today and what better cake than an 8-bit Tie cake! YUM!

8bit-tie-cake.jpgIn more cake news, yesterday's episode of Ace of Cakes included Duff wearing our DO NOT WANT t-shirt. We were lucky enough to take a trip up to Baltimore to meet Duff, Mary Alice and crew a while back, and they are amazingly cool. We'll blog about our trip in a future post, so stay tuned. Check out Duff rocking the LOLZ:

Ok, so most retailers probably don't like to talk publicly about the existence of defective products. Here at ThinkGeek, we love defective products. We get to tinker with them and figure out why they are broken. Occasionally we'll even send a batch of defective doodads and gizmos over to the fine students at the Thomas Jefferson High School For Science & Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. We shouldn't have all the fun all the time.

tj-deadproducts-1.jpg The students get to tear the products apart, test the components, figure out how they work and then build stuff back however they want to. This is good. It teaches students at a a prime age that the little metallic warning sticker on the back of the VCR is just a suggestion, not a mandate. Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to show the faces of these future tech overlords of America in these pictures because the Internet is occasioned by Boggarts and Vermicious Knids, but trust us - they look as smart as they are.

Have fun kids. And remember what ThinkGeek taught ya, 'It doesn't matter if it's broke or not broke, just take it apart and fix it anyway...'