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The Shape of Things To Come

I was the lucky code monkey who got to go to OSCON this year, and I saw some pretty cool things there. The singlemost awesome-matic of which was the replicating rapid-prototyper, or RepRap, machine. You probably understood right away that this is a machine that makes parts for copies of itself. It'll also make nice things like sandals and shot glasses, but only to gain our favor before it hatches its plan to use humans for raw material.

Thumbnail image for reprap.jpg At this point you're unlikely to be digested by ravenous wild RepRaps, because they only eat several types of plastic, including one made from milk proteins. As a small crowd looked on, Vik Olliver from RepRap.org adjusted the size of a 3d model of a ring to fit a friend's finger, pressed "Print" and the machine went to work making it, layer by layer, from a type of plastic developed for dental molds.

The next step toward world domination? Fabricating the circuit boards by layering insulative plastic and a conductor. I, for one, look forward to my new job assembling the children of our new RepRap overlords.

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meaningless icon! That RepRap is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are rapidly prototyped.
etherknight said this 3923 days ago.
meaningless icon! Self-replicating robots... They can make guns and systems to operate them. Before the revolution, make tons of sledgehammers.
Dash said this 3923 days ago.
meaningless icon! Tread lightly here folks. This is Terminator Sh*t. We laugh now about replicating a cup of noodles. But eventually...this will be a tool for replicating things like Wedgies, evil Cyborgs, and plastic fruit loops. Hence, reality blurred! Fight the neo-cyborg-replicating future!
jSido said this 3923 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'll give you guys a break for using a TIRED internet phrase since you did change it up enough that it's not so samey. This is a neat idea, but I'm not about to lend a hand to these RepRaps.
Asok said this 3922 days ago.
meaningless icon! It is a bit tired, iddn't it? Don't spread the blame around too much, Asok. That was all me. I appreciate the pardon, though, and look forward to serving my new Asok overlords in their tired phrase elimination squads. ;o)
Jacob said this 3918 days ago.
meaningless icon! JONAS Yeah. Well, think about it. We have a human scientist who creates this android girl, who then goes on to create these Replicators as a toy. Well, at least the concept of something that starts out so innocent becomes so evil, that’s got to be fascinating to you. TEAL'C Replicators exist merely to increase their numbers and do so without prejudice. They are no more evil than a virus. Stargate SG-1 6x12
Matthew486DX said this 3916 days ago.
meaningless icon! w00t! I was at OSCON 2008! I was the only twelve year old there!
scl98029 said this 3909 days ago.
meaningless icon! I don't think robots OR zombies will rule the world. I think it will be... ROBOTIC ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!
Cannibal23 said this 3050 days ago.

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