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July 2008 Archives

Take a quick gander at our latest Action Shot and Techie Haiku winners. First up is what happens when games like Paper Mario World cause all manner of 2-D species to attack things in the 3-D universe. This is bad news for office workers, and for those who own our inanimate character stickers. Thanks and a $100 gift certificate goes out to Charlie for submitting us this cute little piece of macabre.


Next up? Our latest Techie Haiku winner goes out to Stephen from Deerfield, MA. He gets a $50 gift certificate. Yum.  We call his haiku "Don't let coders ever write copy for end-users. Ever!"
                    Developer Zen:
                    "Ignore this error message."
                    What do I do now?

Wannna win a ThinkGeek gift cert? So do we. Fortunately for you, we can't enter the Action Shot or Techie Haiku contests. Oh well. We do get to play with the toys before you do. Haha.

Looks delicious, eh? Several of you have asked us for the recipe for this scrumptious looking additional image for our Atomic Containers. Ask and ye shall receive:

    Recipe For ThinkGeek Experimental Meal Product Photo
  • 3 Atomic Fireballs
  • 1 Package of Mustard
  • 4 Hypermints
  • 1 Package of duck sauce
  • 3-5 Marshmallows
  • 1 Tablespoon Apple Juice
  • 1 Cup Expiring Heavy Cream
  • 1 Tablespoon of Flax Seed

Combine all ingredients, put in Microwave for 15 seconds. Quickly take an image. Serve with a bucket next to the table! Bon Apetite!
Apparently the Woz is as obsessed about finding WiFi as we are, because he was spotted recently waiting for the iPhone 3G launch while wearing our WiFi Detector shirt.  What's next? The Price is Right? Oh wait... he did that too.  Now, if only Woz still knew somebody at Apple ;) and didn't have to wait in line like the rest of us, maybe he could get us some 3G iPhones!

woz_wifi.jpgThanks to TC for sending us the pic!

Like moths to a flame, ThinkGeek monkeys are drawn to new gadgets. We've fallen unnaturally in love with today's launch of the iPhone 2.0 firmware which allows for lots of really amazing and useful applications (ok, to be fair, it allows them without Jailbreaking). Before too long, though, the sound of LightSabers clashing and sparking filled the office until nothing was getting done.

This is how it all got started. I walked up, saber ablaze, to Ty and Hans who were in the midst of measuring the voltage on a new secret custom ThinkGeek product...(don't worry, you can't see it in this video. Muahaha...)
lunacity_logo.jpgNo, Heinlein fans, ThinkGeek did not visit the underground nation inside earth's natural satellite this past weekend. But we did take a voyage through one family's personal time machine: Luna City Arcade, where you can thoroughly engage your retro geek lust. Luna City boasts over 60 working arcade machines, spanning almost 20 years of arcade history, including classics like Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Paperboy, Joust, Galaga, Phoenix, Star Castle, Dragon's Lair, Pong, Star Wars, even a full row of classic pinball machines! Luna City is not normally open to the public, but ThinkGeek got a very special invitation for a private "play date". Peter & family (progenitors of Luna City) do have a few open houses every blue moon, so check their website for the next one. You will be rewarded with the kind of glee normally reserved for munching ghosts or smashing barrels.

luna_city_groupshot.jpgT3h aw3s0m3 at Luna City doesn't end with the vintage classic arcade games. The rescued arcade signage, fog machines crossed by lasers (from our own Laser Stars Projectors, no less), the UV-reactive carpeting, the theater displays from 70s and 80s movies (including a banner for Battlestar Galactica that you could use as a tent), the floor-to-ceiling posters and arcade paraphernalia, and the awesome sound system pumping out the top 100 Billboard hits from every year from 1975-1985 all come together to make Luna City a complete arcade experience preserved in this fully-functional, hands-on, un-museum. If Peter and his family offer us the chance to take another trip through time, you know where we'll be.
luna_city_overhead.jpg Thanks Peter & Family (Again!).  And just in case you missed the link to Luna City Arcade, there ya go!

June 2008 Action Shot Winner
Apathy is a family value

Greg submitted this great shot of himself with his daughter wearing the ThinkGeek meh. shirt. We think it's an instant classic. Plus he gets a $100 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate. Not too shabby.

In some sense we aren't terribly proud of creating a 'meh.' shirt for the little ones. But I suppose our apathy got the better part of our unease.

Want to be famous and get the chance to win a $100 gift certificate? Send us your own action shots of any ThinkGeek product. For more details, check out our Action Shot Page or just email away to famous@thinkgeek.com