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June 2008 Archives

hawk_new.jpgThe whole ThinkGeek crew crowded around the Code Monkey Cave windows recently to peer out at the spectacle of a red-shouldered hawk eating this -- um, whatever that is -- right outside our office. Was it an omen? Was it a rat? Was it a special effects carcass? Who knows. All that we care about right now is that all our dogs are accounted for.
As the good game junkies we are, we couldn't help but download the Spore Creature Creator and start playing around. As you've undoubtedly heard, it's really addictive and pretty damn fun. Check out these two weirdos we made after playing around with it for just a wee bit.  The top one we named Florgh, and the bottom guy Redonkus.

spore_creatures_redonkus.jpgTimmy says we need to make a monkey next. Can you even do that? 

In addition to coming up with scores of new products, handling all of your calls and emails (and, ahem, writing thousands of lines of code) every month, we do generate some slack around here from time to time. And now you can check up on one of our slacktacular office activities. When you see someone playing TRON on our Kitchen cam, you can see how they're doing via the latest Geek Cam. Fraize probably has the high score no matter when you check out the image because he cheats by getting more points than everybody else. Consistently.


We won't bore you with any of the fascinating story about how ThinkGeek came to existence and launched way way back on a very foggy Friday the 13th in 1999.  Your frontal lobes would explode from a rapture so intense that your frontal lobes would explode.  Instead, we are just going to say 'Welcome to Blurgh, The ThinkGeek Blog'.  Grok it.  Why do we have a blog? Blurgh. Just Grok it.

Below is a quick picture of the ThinkGeek Warehouse in 1999 which was just a single windowless room in a local ISP (WizardNet) we used to own.  Dig those 'You are dumb' T-Shirts in binary.  Next to that is the ThinkGeek Warehouse in 2007 which is in a slightly bigger room.  Dig those pallets of Bawls, yum!  We couldn't have made this transition towards Approximating World Domination without you. So, let us start this venture with a big shout out to you, our loyal fans. You rock the Blurgh fantastic.

Our Warehouse: THEN and NOW. w00t!