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Your mother deserves the absolute best. But, since we cannot yet give our mothers a short stay on a resort planet made of diamonds, we've put together a list of other stellar gifts she's sure to love this Mother's Day! Or check out our Mother's Day Gift Center for even more ideas!


She sure knows how to light up a room - now she can, literally. Pairs best with a Milky Way Bar and a stellar smile.


A cute little above-the-knee circle skirt is always a yes (unless you live in Victorian England or in a culture where head-to-toe covering is a must), but what timeless design to put on it? What about our own universe? Well, yes, it's a little different now than it was when Homo sapiens first looked up, but 200,000 years ago they didn't have the awesome tools we have now. This image of the Milky Way was created from data provided by the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitzer Space Telescope, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory, and we've chosen to make it sparkle using 60 LED wire lights that appear violet through the fabric. With six different modes, these lights let your mom twinkle however she desires. Or she can turn them off and just enjoy the view. It's a design that's as unique as we are as a species and as unique as that special someone.


The vacuum of space is cold, so we know she'll appreciate this jacket to keep her warm on her next EVA.


This jacket will work for your mom, no matter what flavor her "bike" is - even if she doesn't have one. This asymmetrical full-zip hooded jacket features a print of Hubble's image of "Mystic Mountain" in the Carina Nebula. On the outside? A sweet, fitted faux leather jacket with nice lines. On the inside? Epic space geekiness. It comes with a removable hood, also lined with space, and the sleeves feature zippers for a snug fit. We hear it gets cold in space.


This darling bag, styled like a retro spaceship, is for the mother who's not afraid to let her light shine. Your mom is absolutely going to rocket. (Get it? "Rock it" but it's literally a rocket.)


Even certified rocket scientists can appreciate the clever application of black glitter on the fins and pointed nose cone of this purse. It creates a sparkly contrast with the metallic silver surface, which is quilted with tiny metal studs. Instead of jet flames, the bottom of the rocket features dangling chain strands to give the whole bag a sense of motion. On the side, a zipper opens the main compartment, which is lined with custom rosebud fabric. Blast off to adventure with this sweet little ship and show everyone what a badas...tronaut your mom is!


Her life is busy. She's always on the go. She doesn't always have time to go home and change between work and play, so let her outfits literally go from day to night.


We guarantee this skirt will put a twinkle in your mom's step. Equipped with over 250 tiny LEDs, this midi-length skirt flatters many body types. Without the lights, she'll have a stellar ombre skirt featuring an actual star chart sure to spark conversation. But the real magic happens when she sets the lights to On or Twinkle. Over 45 feet of LED wire lights sparkle inside the layers, looking like little fairy lights shining through the fabric.


Show your mom she's the center of your universe, so give her some (big, astronomically large) rocks to wear.


Celebrate our friendly neighborhood star stuff with this Solar Orbit Necklace. Its 21" length features not only the Sun and all the planets (including the one that got voted off the island) but also our Moon and the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. And there's a little star-shaped charm hanging off the 3" extender, like a comet. For those who are about to complain that the beads are not to scale, here's the deal: we wanted your mom to be able to lift her head despite the asteroids in the belt being visible. We think that's a fair trade-off.


Remind your mom what a star she is with every sip from this glass. She can look through her telescope (or, rather, the side of her glass) to see the night sky's constellations.


This unusual glass holds a pint of cold liquid. Get a whole set, as it's the perfect glassware for her next star party! Clear drinks will allow her to enjoy the view while she consumes the beverage within, while opaque liquids will reveal the night sky view slowly, one sip at a time. Carbonation may even mimic shooting stars. There goes one now!


An Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen? It's true. You don't have to travel to the frigid north to see these beauties. If you can't fly your mom to Alaska or Iceland or wherever, get her the next best thing.


Much as caffeine particles pass into our bloodstream and make us bounce off walls, so, too, the particles from solar winds pass through the Earth's magnetosphere near the poles and share energy, causing a spectacular display in the upper atmosphere. When these particles collide with oxygen in particular at lower altitudes (up to 150 miles), the photon released appears green or yellow, giving a similar light show as to the one captured on this mug when she fills it with warm liquid.


Give her a gift she's sure to moon over.


A darkened blue image of the moon's face, set in silver, to represent the darkened moon that we cannot see from Earth. Like the moon itself, it captures the rays of the sun by day to illuminate the night's darkness... in other words, it glows in the dark! A magnificent moon charm by day or night, hanging from a delicate 18-inch sterling silver link chain.


Every mom needs a place to keep her big ideas. Whether she's taking notes, adding to that to-do list, or observing the heavens, your mom will have a place for all her grand plans.


Next time she is gazing up at the night sky and pondering the beauty of our galaxy, your mom can take a few moments to write down her thoughts and observations in this well-made Observer's Notebook. This notebook includes ruled pages for all her thoughts and colorful astronomy informational inserts featuring images from Hubble and ESA telescopes to inform and inspire.


Surprise your mom with this stellar stationery set to make her cubicle or home office feel a little more space-ious.


Ideas are like shooting stars - they burn bright, but they're hard to catch! This exclusive Outer Space Stationery Set has everything your mother needs to get her ideas down on paper and organized: a journal with constellation hardcover design, binder clips with outta-this-world designs, spacey file folders, a memo cube for jotting down quick notes, and a black ink gel pen. She can use them to capture all of the big ideas she gets while stargazing!

How do you celebrate Mother's Day with the OG geek in your life? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us by tweeting @thinkgeek or messaging us on Facebook.


The answer is 17%

The answer is 17%. No, not the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything (obviously). The answer to a tongue-in-cheek question Caiti R. posted to our Facebook: Seriously, in the history of your April Fool's Day products, what percentage of them have become real items?

It made us wonder, and we like numbers so we figured we'd share our findings with you. Not counting 2018's gags since we're not sure how many of them may become real products and not counting the free shirt for any years in which there was one (since that was a real product to start with), it comes out to 17%:

it's a graph

The ones you can still procure (2009's Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, 2010's Canned Unicorn Meat, 2012's Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie, 2014's Flux Capacitor Car Charger, 2014's Das Can-in-Stein, and 2017's Tentacuddle Wrap) can be found in our April Fool's Products Turned Real section.

And you can sort of get 2016's Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine. When we saw the reaction to the engine noise hum, we incorporated that function into our Star Trek TNG U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Bluetooth® Speaker.

And here's the rundown of items you could get at one point in the past, but, alas, no more:

And, in related news, here are our April Fool's ideas that became real products, but weren't made by us.

Note that we're not endorsing any of the above. Just mentioning that they're out there in the real world. Know of others that have hit the mass market that we missed? Let us know!

A celebration that is out of this world!

Yuri's Night


Yuri's Night is an international celebration that takes place on April 12th to honor humanity's advancements in space exploration. The day is named after the first human to be launched into space, Yuri Gagarin. Gagarin made history on April 12, 1961 when he flew the first manned spacecraft, Vostok 1, into the upper atmosphere and orbited the Earth. Yuri's Night also celebrates the launch date of the first orbital spaceflight of NASA's Space Shuttle program, STS-1, which fell on the 20th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's legendary accomplishment.

Yuri's Night as it is known today was created in 2001, but Russians were celebrating April 12 as Cosmonautics Day since 1962. The celebration is also known to some as the World Space Party (which sounds stellar to us.) It's a day to praise the ingenuity of humanity's space programs and to inspire a new generation of explorers.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate a few of our own favorite pop culture stories of humanity out amongst the stars.


Obviously, we need to highlight the bright, hopeful future of humanity in space built by Gene Roddenberry in the Star Trek universe. What could be more inspiring than a Starfleet crew traversing the galaxy attempting to advance scientific knowledge about the universe and its inhabitants while spreading a message of diplomacy?

Additionally, the United Federation of Planets itself highlighted peaceful collaboration between humanity and alien species in the galaxy. It showed intelligent members of various species coming together under a single central government based on the principles of universal liberty, rights, and equality. The Federation worked to share their knowledge and resources leading to scientific advancements and greater space exploration.


Although the first contact between humans and another sentient species in the galaxy went so poorly they named a war after it, the Mass Effect universe still presents a hopeful vision of our future among the stars. Despite a rocky start in the galaxy, humans earn a place on the Citadel amongst our intergalactic neighbors. While this future is filled with struggles and challenges, Shepard consistently demonstrates some of the best of humanity's traits. They fill their crew with aliens of all shapes and sizes (maybe smooching a few along the way) and fight for what they believe is right.


Alright, so maybe the universe that the Serenity crew exists in isn't the most awe-inspiring vision of humanity in space. There is, however, still a lot of good to be found in this possible future. Despite their differences, the crew finds each other in the vastness of space and grows a bond that can't be shaken. They might have a questionable relationship with the law of the 'verse, but they have strong relationships with each other. Wash and Zoƫ are able to maintain a loving marriage and the rest of the crew forms a family amid all their struggles. Firefly reminds us of the strength of humanity when people work together, even if all you have is a ragtag crew against the injustices of a cruel galaxy.


If you're simply craving some way to connect to the majesty of space today (without building your own spaceship in your backyard or launching your personal Tesla into the atmosphere), ThinkGeek has got you covered with all the Starstuff you could want.

How are you celebrating Yuri's Night? What are your favorite stories (in fiction or reality) of space exploration? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us by tweeting @thinkgeek or messaging us on Facebook.

Real brothers ride tandem bikes together

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Today is Siblings Day, so it's time for approximately 80% of you to take a minute out to thank (or blame) your brother(s) and/or sister(s) for helping to make you the person you are today. What would Mario have been without Luigi? Or Luke without Leia? Whether you're more like the Weasleys, the Starks, the Winchesters, or the Simpsons, here's to having a built-in lifelong partner in crime.

We're at PAX East! Find us at booth #6188.

We're ready to take on PAX East! Find us at Booth 15090. Photo by: Chris Christo.

PAX East, here we come!

Come one, come all to our circus of value! Timmy and the ThinkGeek away team are headed to PAX East in Boston, MA. We hope to see you there! This is our sixth PAX East - and we're aiming to make it the best one yet. We've got new products, we've got con exclusives, we've got freebies, we've got an interactive Cuphead photobooth, and we have FREE SHRUGS! Catch the PAX East Away Team at Booth 15090 to purchase your favorite TG goodies and hang out with Timmy!

Can't make it to Boston? Join in on the fun and enter to win an amazing Cuphead prize pack from ThinkGeek!

PAX East Cuphead Sweepstakes

We've got a lot in store for all you con-goers this weekend, including brand new merch, con exclusives, freebies, and an interactive Cuphead photobooth!

The Official Guide to Stalking ThinkGeek at PAX East 2018

Where to Find Us:

  • For most of the con, you can find us at booth #15090. Along with our newest and most popular items, we'll be carrying some con exclusives as well. Pick 'em up before we run out!


  • We've got a TON of awesome products we hauled to the Frozen Nor- er... Boston. Stop by booth #15090 to check out our latest legendary loot!
  • ThinkGeek is debuting a new Pinny Arcade pin at East this year! If you're like us, you've always dreamed of a Good Boi with three heads itchin' for pets. We think you'll like our latest offering.
  • We have a really awesome interactive Cuphead photobooth! Take home a memento from the con to remind you of dying to Cala Maria 300 times.


  • Check back here each morning before the show (or follow us on social) to get each day's quest - then come by the booth to earn yourself a lil' somethin' somethin':
    • Thursday: Sign up for email at booth #15090
    • Friday: Show the Away Team you follow ThinkGeek on social!
    • Saturday: TBA
    • Sunday: TBA

See you all there!

Conrad Gessner

Citation Needed

Today is the 502nd anniversary of the birth of Conrad Gessner, regarded as the father of modern bibliography, zoology, and botany, according to Wikipedia. He was the first to catalog and describe many species in Europe, including the guinea pig, the pencil, and the tulip. In fact, most tulip cultivars today are classified as Tulipa gesneriana, named for him. He loved books, literally cutting and pasting his own database together, and reputedly requesting to be taken to his library to die amongst his tomes. The next time you see a tulip, give a little thanks to Conrad Gessner for his work.


Despite the fact that the first day of Spring was literally yesterday, Mother Nature decided to celebrate with a huge snow storm at ThinkGeek HQ.

Why is this happening?

Look at this mess! This isn't what Spring looks like!

While we hide away from the confusing weather outside, we decided to put together a quick guide on how to have a perfect Snow Day.


Harry Potter Posh Magic Bedding

This is an integral part of any Snow Day. It is a completely necessary first step to getting the full enjoyment out of your surprise imprisonment in your own home. If the weather isn't going to cooperate, why should you? So, pull those sheets back up over your head and turn off your alarm. Dream about one day leaving your house again. If you're looking for a new way to spruce up your hibernation den, ThinkGeek has lots of options here. The important part is to get nice and cozy and slip back into La La Land for a few more hours.


Dreamin' Narwhal Kigurumi

Now that you're properly awake, it is time to get dressed for the day. Perfect Snow Day wear allows you to carry the feeling of still being asleep in your bed wherever you go in your home. Pajamas, hoodies, and warm socks are all acceptable choices. This monkey prefers some sort of animal-based kigurumi, but any loungewear that banishes the thought of the cold outside world will work. If you need to stock up on your own Snow Day attire, we have plenty of choices here.


Narwhal Mug

Substitute the warmth of real human interaction with the warmth of a hot beverage in your hands. Make it as hot as you can stand in order to trick your body into believing it will one day be warm again. It won't be, of course. We live on Hoth now. But it's always nice to dream. ThinkGeek has plenty of fun mugs to choose from if your pantry is looking a little sad. This monkey believes a bigger mug is better; it means fewer trips to the kitchen. While you're waiting for your beverage to heat up, it's also time to raid the pantry for some portable snacks. You'll need them later.


Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush

You have donned your Snow Day armor, retrieved sustenance, and carry the warmth of a thousand suns in your hands. It is now time to decide where you want to spend the rest of your day. A Snow Day nest will be your home for the remainder of your exile, so you will need to fill it with as many pillows, blankets, and plush as you deem necessary for maximum comfort. Snow Day scientists are split on whether a couch or a bed is a better location for the Snow Day nest. We recommend doing your own testing and finding what works for you.


The Dark Tower Series Boxed Set

Whether you want to play a new game, catch up on your reading, or finally watch that Netflix show everyone is talking about (you know the one we're talking about), you finally have the time to do so. Hunkered down in your nest with all the essentials, the day is yours to do with what you will. Enjoy it.

Do you have your own favorite Snow Day traditions? Do you also think winter should just end already? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us by tweeting @thinkgeek or messaging us on Facebook.

Wyatt Earp

"He was the most fearless man I ever saw"

Wyatt Earp would turn 170 today if he were a revenant like the ones his fictional descendant Wynonna Earp now has to deal with on Syfy. The frontier lawman may have gotten perhaps a bit more credit than he deserved owing to some well-timed publicity, but he has become a folk hero. But we'd still aim for the head if we saw him today, being 170 and all.


Happy #JediDay!


Today, March 8th, is hereby known as Jedi Day. This is because today in Hollywood, California, Mark Hamill will be recognized for his contribution to entertainment with his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The monkeys at ThinkGeek want to take the time to celebrate Mark Hamill and everything we love about the Jedi.

Thank you, Mark Hamill, for breathing life into the character of Luke Skywalker.
We held our breath watching you use the Force to target the exhaust port in the Death Star.
We worried about you when you had to crawl inside a recently deceased Tauntaun for warmth.
We struggled with you as you learned to master the Force with Master Yoda. (Who knew so many piggyback rides were involved?)
We gasped (and cringed) when you discovered the princess you kissed was your sister.
We cried with you as you helped redeem your father in his final moments.
We suffered when you left us hanging at the end of The Force Awakens.
We celebrated when you delivered on that anticipation two years later in The Last Jedi. (Milking that Thala-siren is not something we are soon to forget, Luke.)

We raise our lightsabers to you, Mark Hamill. You are more than deserving of this honor. Congratulations!

Mark Hamill's star will be dedicated at a special ceremony at 11:30 AM PT. Hamill's Star Wars friends Harrison Ford and George Lucas will be joining the master of ceremonies Leron Gubler to unveil the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you'd like to tune in to watch the ceremony yourself, you can do so at www.walkoffame.com.

You can choose to celebrate Jedi Day however you like, but we'll be building a Luke Skywalker shrine around our The Last Jedi Luke Profile Wall Art, counting down the minutes until the ceremony on our Nixon Luke Skywalker Safari Watch, and practicing "conflict resolutions" with a Plush Luke and Wampa. You can grab your own celebratory gear over here at ThinkGeek.com.

What's your favorite Luke Skywalker or Mark Hamill memory? How are you celebrating #JediDay and #TheLastJedi Mark Hamill? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us by tweeting @thinkgeek or messaging us on Facebook!

Last month a handful of monkeys from ThinkGeek got to go on Star Trek Cruise II, and we had so much fun! It's amazing to be on a ship with 2000 other people who are ready and willing to geek out with you at a moment's notice. It's basically a convention at sea, only with an all-you-can eat soft-serve ice cream machine.

Entertainment Cruise Productions transformed the Norwegian Jade. The elevators became turbolifts. Locations were renamed thematically; there was Sandrine's II for fancy dinners and 13 Forward for relaxation. Every restaurant or bar you walked into had Star Trek playing on every screen (along with your in-cabin television). There was a huge 4-screen jumbotron by the pool (the Borg Cube), constantly playing Trek-themed videos. There were Neelix-suggested menu options and a selection of custom drinks (the copywriter's favorite was Gowron's Bloodwine).

And, of course, the stars! Our host this year was none other than George Takei, and it was humbling to hear him talk about his life in person. Over a dozen Star Trek cast and crew were on board, each of whom hosted a special event. We learned tap dance from Gates McFadden, cooked with Nana Visitor, and got to hear Brent Spiner sing! And the lectures were amazing. We feel like our brains grew three sizes that day attending the seminars hosted by professors Armin Shimmerman on Shakespeare and James Cassidy on soil, plus astronaut Rick Searfoss's sessions on the space program. And, oh, yeah. There were beautiful sandy beaches in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico, too. Risa ain't got nothin' on us!

Timmy meets his favorite consonant
The best part, though, was definitely seeing everybody with their ThinkGeek gear. Trekinis and Geeki Tikis were plentiful! We didn't take pictures of all you gorgeous people (because it's creepy to be all, "Can I get a picture of you in your swimsuit?"), but feel free to link to them in the comments if you were aboard with us.

Star Trek The Cruise III is already more than half full! Based on the above, are you surprised? If you want to geek out next year with host Wil Wheaton, you'd better beam on over there and book your room. This cruise is not to be missed!