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mc at thinkgeek dot com

The days were wearing thin, the nights growing long. In a land where the knights of darkness reigned, there laid the young child -- the hope and future for our world. For his heart was filled with passion and his body with fearless devotion. A name reflecting the most ultimate of offerings: "a gift from God." But the journey was not easy for our young hero, staring into the eyes of battle, weathering the storms of struggle, and sacrificing his heart for love. But soon this young hero would grow into a man and join the alliance of all dedicated to World Domination, ThinkGeek. His name was Matthew.

Not too sure that it happened that way but I believe it. Anyway, here is my attempt to explain a little about who I am:

So my name is Matt and I am one of the ridiculously awesome Web Designers here at the ThinkGeek. Is it possible for your eyes to turn into pixel rulers? You might be asking yourself: "Matt, what do you do when your not helping improve my experience on the web?" Well, when I am not spending time building websites and debating the current state of Browser Standards or Progressive Enhancement, my geekdom might find me debating the current state of the music industry, the next "WoW killer" MMO, waiting patiently for a PS3 game that might actually give Sony fanboys a reason to call the machine anything better than a glorified media device, following technology blogs, streaming keynotes from whatever conference is going on (E3 to WWDC), hanging/talking with the people in my girlfriend's brother's clan that he started years ago, ]BIG[, recording music/gaming with old friends @ The Empyreans, or composing and recording the next pop-hit single in my home recording studio.

Captain Power

I grew up on Star Wars, Captain Power, Michael Jackson, baseball, and my Atari. (Why can't anyone remember Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future?) I can vividly remember having the Powerjet XT-7 that I could shoot enemies out of the sky during my Saturday morning viewings of Captain Power. I was in his army of awesomeness.

Aside from spending my days living in DIVs, I am passionate about all that is creative. Music, Art, Design, etc. It is what I do and love. I grew up playing music. I even went to school initially as a music performance major for Bass Trombone; I ended up with a minor in Music Industry. I write, play, listen, and pretty much enjoy anything music. I have played in a few bands and continually strive to find killer musicians to work with that will send my ear drums into a musical overload. Maybe I'll post some sounds up here when I get a chance.

Matt Chwat

Some of my bad CSS jokes:
"You can't have CLASS without having STYLE!"
"My DIV is bigger than your DIV, but it collapses*" (*Thanks, Carrie!)