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Jennifer P

Jennifer P.

jpinkham at thinkgeek dot com

Jennifer is a recent code monkey transplant from the depths of corporate hell. She is the first female Code Monkey in the history of Thinkgeek. She is a fan of all things open source (and loathes anything m$). A major fan of Linux (since kernel v0.75ish), though some would call her a zealot; she currently prefers the Ubuntu distro. Jennifer tries to install Linux on anything with a CPU, even her toaster oven. She lives at the bash command line using her powers mostly for good, but sometimes evil.

When she isn't coding, she is playing with one of the many office puppies, or starring in product demonstration videos (ex: "Die *#&%ing zombies!!" or product photos. Once Tron is replaced with a MAME cabinet, she will likely be found in front of it for daily doses of video games (it helps her code better -- honest).

She has a love of Perl (that some would call a sickness) and has been coding for fun and profit for the last 10 years. Her "computing career" started with a C64, her first computer. Since then she has been wreaking havoc, first on BBS systems, and now all over the Internet.

Her love for Thinkgeek started back in 2001 as a customer, instantly starting a collection of their tshirts including "Code Girl", "Perl Gerl", "Chicks dig unix", and her favorite: "!/usr/bin/girl".

When her life isn't being mirrored by xkcd (or naming her home computers after Loony Tunes characters), she can be found: Reading (Perl cookbooks not included), Hiking, Causing Terror in her G35 coupe, enjoying a good pub quiz, and more recently biking and camping.

Jennifer P