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jen at thinkgeek dot com

Alumni Remember VT

Hope you're not expecting one of those cryptic, nonsensical descriptions. Not my style. Anyway, on with the voyeurism...

If you hate the design of this site, I'm the person to flame. If you love it, feel free to send me undying praise. Even though I've gotten a couple of engineering degrees, for some reason I now fancy myself some sort of designer. I managed to teach myself HTML & Photoshop and I adore Illustrator which is what we use to design most of the products on this site. Though I used to be a die-hard Windows gal, I've had a sufficient amount of Kool Aid to make me a full-on Mac nerd. I don't know what I ever did without you, Apple. *Swoon*

Anyhoo, I'm also a bit of a technology addict. Wille tells me I'm constantly "aspiring" because I always want to upgrade - I must have the latest and greatest thing available at the time. iPhone? Check. Android? Check. MacBook pro? Check. See what I mean? I'm about due for a few more upgrades though - my Hyundai Santa Fe is getting a little long in the tooth, and I'm itching for something new...

Don't get me wrong though, I enjoy some time away from technology. A few years ago I developed some pretty heinous symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. My cool articulating keyboard platform has helped quite a bit. When the mood strikes and I have the time, I enjoy a little yoga from time to time. I can't say enough good stuff about yoga. Try it. Really. But by no means am I even remotely an expert -- I haven't taken a class in months and I'm still a beginner, but I still love it. Of course now that it's so trendy, I'll probably quit doing it.

Outside of the geek realm, I love cake decorating. I've made lots of cakes including a Pocky cake and a fun Jungle cake and I'm looking forward to many many more... I just hope I don't eat them all. Finally, I dabble in Aromatherapy and Soap Making when I'm not also pretending to be an interior designer.