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jacob at thinkgeek dot com

I can often be found changing lightbulbs in ceiling fixtures, experimenting with food and expecting the results to be appreciated by others, wondering why they're called evergreens when they're clearly brown, dispensing half-remembered science and engineering factoids, enthralling people with the briefest of ten-minute-long comparisons of unit advancement in Warhammer 40k to that in C&C games, giving way too much credit to Star Trek writers, and disposing of large quantities of my mom's cheese blintzes (hi mom!). Oh, and writing code, which is what they pay me to do here.

My ThinkGeek Favorites? I made a list.

SF I've most recently read:

  • The classic by Michael Crichton that should have been subtitled, "1001 Ways to Fail to Stop an Alien Infection"
  • Walter Miller's posthumously published sequel to his classic tale of monks transcribing ancient grocery lists
  • Neil Gaiman's underground fantasy that's actually about a specific time and place despite the intriguing implication of its title


Advice for Virgin Galactic from my observations of Star Trek:

  1. Peaceful planets governed by computer should be thrown into chaos whenever possible. [The Apple, The Return of the Archons, A Taste of Armageddon]
  2. When trapped on a planet by lonely eccentrics, look for something shiny to smash. [Catspaw, The Squire of Gothos]
  3. Malevolent computers are susceptible to spontaneous combustion when barraged with paradoxical riddles. [The Changeling, I, Mudd, The Ultimate Computer]
  4. Charismatic leaders are really better off left in their failing stasis capsules. [Space Seed, Return to Tomorrow]
  5. When arriving at a planet whose continents are identical to Earth's, beware of heavy irony. [Bread and Circuses, Miri]
  6. Your imagination is the most dangerous equipment aboard ship and should be properly stowed. [Shore Leave, Spectre of the Gun]
  7. Avoid meeting former lovers on isolated planets; these have usually been replaced by sinister dopplegangers. [What are little girls made of?, The Man Trap]

Never give up, never surrender!

CDER 48! I love you!