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This is Harley Quinn Owens, a mahogany brindle and white Staffordshire Terrier / American Pit Bull Terrier mix. 

She will respond to the names lump, lumpy, stink, Harley pants, whiny pants, pig bull, and the crinkle sound of snack bags. She is a mutt from the rescue, which is the best kind. Harley can play tough like her breed, but in most things she is just a 52 pound lap dog. She lives to kill a ball or a squeaker, but when the 12 pound cat tells her to stop playing Harley stops. 


Around the office she mostly sleeps, but she also loves to run laps, chase scooters, and antagonize Cisco like a little sister should. If you're in the office, loud noises scare her and cause her to bark but she usually thinks its something to play with. She has an odd thing for airsoft guns--the second she sees or hears one there is no getting her attention off of it. 

Being a dog from a rescue Harley loves to hear about other rescue dogs and their loving families. She's given us a few links to her favorite places, so you should check them out. You should check out your local rescues too; they always need people to adopt, volunteer, or even just donate.

  • Best Friends does some awesome work for all animals. Every animal gets a chance with them. They're super folks who really care.
  • Best Friends is also working hard to help people understand that no breed is a bad breed. They're working to clear the name of the American Pit Bull Terrier and all misunderstood and mistreated dogs. Check out their campaign, Pit Bulls: Saving America's Dog.
  • Janet's Rescues and Placements holds a special place in Harley's heart. They took her into foster care and ultimately found her home for her. If you're in the Stafford, VA area and are looking for a companion animal, check them out.
  • PetFinder is an awesome place where lots of goggies, kittiehs, bunnies, ponies, and every other critter go to find families. Lots of rescues list their adoptable pets there too. They're definitely the place to start looking for a  new companion animal in your area.