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Dave R

Dave R.

dromero at thinkgeek dot com

In a distant galaxy, approximately 27,000 Earth years ago, I was grown on a largely volcanic planet named Mort (shout out to my homies, Myj and Nhoj.) This has made everything from obtaining a drivers license or getting a security clearance to buying good jeans that fit a real hassle over the years. Hence, as a defense mechanism, I've created bios such as this that just state the truth out in the open in the hope that folks will think that it is too ludicrous to be true and keep their probes and scanners to themselves (security by absurdity?).

Dave R

Anyway, I am one of the Code Monkeys here at ThinkGeek that slings the poo that keeps the wheels of geek commerce running smoothly. I am in fact classically trained in poo slinging with my B.S. in Poo Slinging and Bureaucracy (a.k.a. Computer Science) from a very fine Earth institution.

While not slaving over hot code or avoiding the local planetary authorities, I enjoy attempting to make my own music and spending time with my amazing wife and two awesome kids (they really are the best part about this whole planet, them and the Mongolian BBQ). I've also been known to do some occasional juggling although I mostly leave that to my immensely talented friends these days.

I am a huge science fiction fan, although a lot of it isn't as fiction-y as most people think. My favorite author of all time is Isaac Asimov whose writings have the same focusing affect on my thinking as Mozart's music. My favorite living author is Neal Stephenson whose most recent novel Anathem is, in my opinion, one of the best novels ever written (forget all you haters that are too pansy to get through a little a priori constructed language).

Being geeky has always just been a part of who I am. Back on Mort we've long ago achieved singularity with technology, but I always enjoy coming to witness creatures on the verge of it. (Good luck you crazy kids!)