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cisco at thinkgeek dot com

One day at the local Washington D.C. Animal Shelter, when I was three months old, some loopy and certainly geeky bipeds came and looked at me and took me for a little walk outside my cell. I tried to bite their ankles to play but they didn't reciprocate. Darn. Two weeks later, my family jewels were confiscated by a masked madman and they changed my name from Speckles to Cisco Systems and I was released to those two incessant bipeds. BTW, the 'Systems' is silent.

I was the happiest puppy on the planet but things got much worse before they got better...

You see, I'm a border collie mix so I'm high maintenance. I'm also passive-aggressive and must have total control over all situations. I'm the first one in and out the door. I'm the first one to meet and greet friends and strangers. People are scared of me at first, then they warm up as I deliver my unique personality in micro-barks. Ask Mike the UPS guy. Dogs are supposed to hate delivery people, proof positive that we can all get along. Anywho, the first few years of my life I was unable to herd sheep for 6-10 hours a day, which is what I was born to do. Oh well.

Let it be known that I occasionally dress up in girls clothes. Whew! Got that off my long-haired white chest.


My first few years with my adopted bipeds were spent in agony and neurotic over-excitement. I was frisky beyond belief. Nobody understood the way my mind was working overtime and I had to constantly manifest my high-strung border collie insanities. Didn't they understand that I needed a few dozen sheep to herd?! Didn't they know how protective I am of my pack!?!? I chewed scissors, I chased bikers, I ate scott's car radio, I chased sheep (err, i mean neighborhood kids), I broke into the pantry and destroyed a 20 pound bag of basmati rice....i'm ashamed to say much more...

I grew up at some point and became a hacker.

One of my favorite things to do these days is crab. It's a form of Yoga. It helps me relax.

And now that I'm three I've calmed down a bit and I get to work with the smelly folk @ ThinkGeek. Life is so much better now. I love my uncle Jon and his laser pointer. Everybody is just so cool. And I just get to lay around, chase laser pointers, do puppy power, scare loiterers, and play an occasional game of pool. Oh yeah, if you didn't know already, I, Cisco Systems also write all the copy which appears on this website...