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Chris M

Chris M.

chrism at thinkgeek dot com

Once upon a time, a young child fell from a tour bus in the deep jungles of Akron, Ohio, and was raised by wild wolves. That wasn't Chris. He was raised in a loving home in Wheaton, Maryland, and grew up into an unusual person. Chris is a classically trained saxophonist (with such greats as Chris Vadala), with additional training in clarinet, flute, and music composition.

chris m

Chris has been in love with the same person for over 20 years - working actress, costumer, stage combat choreographer/teacher/performer, and all around cool girl [and, as of 10/01/07, his wife!]: Bette Cassatt (and check Bette out starring as Brenn in the webseries The Broken Continent). Together, they raised two award winning shelties (D'Artagnan and Aramis - see them in action here.) who have graced the pages of The Washington Post, TV Guide, as well as on one of Animal Planet's websites - and have won Chris and Bette thousands of dollars worth of prizes (including a trip to London). Alas, both Aramis and D'Artagnan have crossed that multi-colored bridge - but now Chris and Bette are working on their new project: raising a new sheltie named Whimsy (he's crazy and fun). Chris also likes helping out with his friend's films (he's been a stunt hand, back, etc.) alongside Bette.

Chris sometimes writes music, including a few little ditties for ThinkGeek videos. Some of his junk can be heard here!

Chris enjoys most good music, with a special passion for the music of Raymond Scott. He also likes accepting gifts from strangers (hint, hint).

What am I listening to right now? Well, The Mike O'Meara Show, of course.