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Chris B

Chris B.

brozy at thinkgeek dot com

My name is Chris, but you can call me Brozy. Why? Because my best friends from college decided I kind of look like Mark Hamill (before the car accident) and that my last name really needed a "Y" at the end. Duh. It does help distinguish me from the 37 other Chris's that work at ThinkGeek*, the 16 Chris's I've had as roommates**, and the Realtor/Ski Jumper from Minnesota that shares my first and last name***.

Anyhoo, here are select facts about me in mostly ascending order:

  • I've devised and drawn meticulous diagrams of space-going battle cruisers, including where the lavatories and recreational areas should be.
  • I wrote and illustrated fan-fic about the DOS game King's Quest and submitted it to a fiction contest.
  • I lost my Yoda action figure at Sunday school and was so depressed about it that I never bought another one.
  • I wrote letters to the editor of Nintendo Power about their criminal lack of Double Dragon coverage.
  • I set up a functional comic book shop from my seat on the school bus and made a healthy profit doing so, carefully pricing my inventory with the Wizard Price Guide.
  • I made lots of ANSI art for various BBSes using TheDraw in hopes that they would be released in an underground ANSI art pack. None ever were.
  • I memorized the entire script for "Aliens" but then purged it from my cache to make room for useless crap about 3D animation, typography and Photoshop (like I ever needed to use those things).
  • I've built a computer from parts, but fried the first motherboard because I wasn't grounded properly.
  • I was in a Tribes clan called P2X. Remember that game? Yeah, neither do I.
  • Chris B

  • I have steadfastly held that gaming on a PC is far superior to on a console (I'm partial to first person RPGs like Fallout and Oblivion). Mouse and keyboard FTW.
  • I wrote/designed/animated/narrated/created the music for an 8 minute animated film called "Discovery's Invention" which was a rip-off of Star Wars and 2001. No, I won't show it to you because I don't like it anymore.
  • I've home-brewed apricot flavored beer that was absolutely disgusting. And I mean Coors-Light-disgusting.
  • I helped build and race a soapbox car/covered wagon inspired by The Oregon Trail.
  • I narrowly and dramatically escaped through the collapsing mouth of the giant space slug known as Newspaper Publishing.

But enough about last week. This week, as marketing graphic designer, I hope to design an awesome catalog, many graphics for the ThinkGeek site and email newsletter, and continue to be awful at foosball.

**There are two.
**Two again.
***This is accurate.