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I don't remember my original name, but my papa calls me 5:30. These are much happier days for me -- it was rough living in the shelter after I was found in the woods. But ever since my daddy adopted me, I've been able to relax. He makes sure there's always a couch for me to sleep on, and trash cans for me to tip over and make messes with.

Even though I hate riding in the car (I make my daddy carry me into the back seat, and I jump out as soon as I get a chance), it does mean that I get to go to work and play with my friends Dulcie and Cisco. Riding in the car wouldn't be so bad probably if my daddy's car weren't a rusting piece of junk that looks like the bumper stickers are the only things holding it together.


I have a couple nicknames. My daddy sometimes calls me "Half Past" (his daddy came up with that one) and aunt Jennay calls me either "Sausage Puppy", "Floppy Head" or "Floppy Headed Monkey Dog". It doesn't really matter what people call me, as long they acknowledge my cuteness, give me a treat every once in a while and rub my belly whenever I ask.

Speaking of treats, I'm not really a bone or rawhide type of puppy. No matter how fancy (or expensive) they are, when my daddy has brought some home for me, I just hide them in the couch or behind the computers in the den.

I'm definitely a couch puppy, though. My daddy made sure to have a couch in his office for me to sleep on, and he keeps piles of blankets on my couch at home. I like to push them all together and make a little throne so that I can always see over the coffee table and keep an eye on things. My daddy does try to take up too much room in bed, though. Doesn't he know that I have to sleep sideways across the pillows in order to be comfortable? How am I supposed to get all of the beauty sleep I deserve if he decides he doesn't have to sleep on the floor (which is where I try to push him every night).

At least he keeps plenty of toys around for me to play with. Like newspapers, shoes, socks, books (I ate the binding off the phone book once), CDs and game console controllers (he even bought me more of those after I "played with" two of his PS2 controllers).

Yeah, life's good these days.