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ThinkGeek Capsule

Mystery capsule of collectibles delivered to your door

  • A bundle of fun geeky products to explore every month
  • Our favorite goodies from the most popular licenses right now
  • Exclusives - only available in the ThinkGeek Capsule - in every box

ThinkGeek Capsule

$50+ guaranteed value for only $24.99 (+S/H)

Limited run! Collect all 3 capsules

Do you wish your stuff from ThinkGeek would land on your doorstep every month?

We have the technology to make that happen.

  1. Launch the ThinkGeekCapsule.com window.
  2. Select a plan.
  3. Receive your payload. (see ThinkGeekCapsule.com for details on current ETAs.)

To coordinate the ThinkGeek Capsule, ThinkGeek is relying on our trusted third-party provider, Geek Fuel. In order to take advantage of Geek Fuel's fulfillment system via ThinkGeekCapsule.com, you may have to reenter information that we already know about you. Unfortunately, today these two systems do not talk to each other, but we're looking at getting them integrated.

Are you ready to begin the boarding process, space cadet?
Well, put on your helmet, open that airlock, and venture forth!

Launch the ThinkGeekCapsule.com Window


  • What is in a ThinkGeek Capsule?

    Each ThinkGeek Capsule is packed with $50 worth of collectibles. Items may include desktop replicas, stuff for your home, enamel pins, art prints, t-shirts, and more. Contents will vary by month, but you will ALWAYS get an exclusive t-shirt.

  • When will the Capsule ship?

    A new Capsule will be deployed each month. You will receive a shipping notification when your Capsule is on its way.

  • Is the Capsule available to international customers?

    Our initial Capsule launch is only available in the United States. We hope to expand the offering in the future.

  • How do I manage my ThinkGeek Capsule subscription?

    ThinkGeek Capsule subscriptions are managed on our partner site at ThinkGeekCapsule.com. At this time, you are not able to manage your Capsule subscription on ThinkGeek.com. Our monkeys are working to integrate all the things!

  • Oh man. I just saw the unboxing of this month's Capsule, and I want something from it!

    Yeah, sorry. We aren't able to sell individual parts of a Capsule. Subscribe to the next one, so you don't miss out again! (You may be able to find somebody reselling the pieces of their Capsule they didn't want, but ThinkGeek doesn't control or endorse that.)

  • Can I use a ThinkGeek gift card on my ThinkGeek Capsule order?

    Sorry, Because ThinkGeek Capsule orders are placed on our partner site at ThinkGeekCapsule.com, you are not able to use ThinkGeek gift cards on your ThinkGeek Capsule subscription order.

  • I see ThinkGeek has a sale. Can I use a ThinkGeek discount code on my ThinkGeek Capsule order?

    Sorry, Because ThinkGeek Capsule orders are placed on our partner site at ThinkGeekCapsule.com, we are not able to apply ThinkGeek discounts to your ThinkGeek Capsule subscription order.

For more answers, head over to our FAQs .