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Desktop Zero-Point Power Generator

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Harness The Energy In The Atmosphere To Power Your PC!

Tired of shelling out the to The ManTM for your electrical power needs? Are personal windmill power stations just too passe? Think fuel-cells are great, but you hate having to pay for the hydrogen? What's a self-respecting independent consumer to do? Thanks to the fine folks at ThinkGeek ColdFusionWorks Labs, your dreams have become reality with the Desktop Zero-Point Power Generator!

But how does it work? At the quantum level, all matter in the universe vibrates constantly - even at absolute zero! The Desktop Zero-Point Power Generator takes advantage of this seething abundant energy by converting naturally occurring EM energy into 120 Volts / 200 Amps of electricity.

The generator is 8 inches square, and weighs just under 3 pounds. When activated, the generator will generate power indefinitely! The unit emits a very quiet whirr, and less than 600 rem of residual ionizing radiation! ThinkGeek recommends you drain the unit's non-volitile waste chamber once every three months, and dispose of the tritium/deuterium slurry at a licensed disposal facility.

Sorry, not available in 220V.

Price: $199.99
Availability: On Backorder [ Info ]