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Print your sensitive files directly to a shredder!

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Print Your Sensitive Files Directly Into A Shredder!

The Shrinter® is the world's first combination color laser printer & shredder! Have sensitive files on your PC that you need to keep from prying eyes? You need a Shrinter®. Using our patented steel cutter ink dispersal system, the Shrinter® will allow you to print your files (in full color!) directly into a shredder! Feed your paranoia as you Shrint® your most sensitive data!

Stop wasting your time with traditional print then shred methods! Combine them both and instantly gain far more security and increased productivity in the workplace.

Great for board meetings, corporate lawyers & anybody else who values personal security and privacy! In the information age, paranoia is increasingly the only sane approach. You would be crazy not to be paranoid, so start Shrinting® today!


  • Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/ME, Linux, Mac OSX, Plan 9
  • Four-toner dry type laser electrophotography w/ precision hardened steel cutters
  • 600 x 600 dpi resolution, network management capability via ethernet! Shrint® from afar!
  • Shrints® up to 20 pages per minute!
  • Strip cut or Cross cut selector mode.
  • Wastebasket not included.
  • Encryption modules optionally available to one-time encrypt your data as it's being Shrinted® for added security!
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