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Ph34r your inner stick figure!

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Shirt Guy Dom... GOLD!!

Ph34r your inner stick figure! We threatened you. We warned you. We gave you time to flee. But now it's too late. Shirt Guy Dom Gold is here!

From some very dark corners of the minds behind Megatokyo, comes not one, not two, but FOUR band new Shirt Guy Dom games! Powered by the brand new S.T.I.C.K. engine, these games take full advantage of your PC's capabilities without wasting processor time on useless things like color, surfaces or textures. It's all about frame rates, baby!


  • Shirt Guy Dom - Make My Video - make your own music videos!
  • MegaTokyo Mud Wrestling - Stickdown! - hot stick figure mud wresting action!
  • Stick Wars Episode 3 - Stick Figure Sith - stick it to the jedi!
  • Neverwinter Nights - Shirt Guy Dom Expansion Pack - add a new dimension to your NWN gaming experience!

Order your copy today and receive a FREE Pipe Cleaner Dom figure! He's lean, he's mean, he's six inches tall, fully posable, and comes with a wide array of pipe cleaner weaponry and an adjustable pipe cleaner stand for your desk.

No sheep were hurt in the development of this game.

HAHA! April Fools!