• http://a.tgcdn.net/images/refresh/carousel/photos/100401-icade.jpg

    iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet
  • http://a.tgcdn.net/images/refresh/carousel/photos/100401-monolith.jpg

    Monolith Action Figure
  • http://a.tgcdn.net/images/refresh/carousel/photos/100401-moodinq.jpg

    moodINQ Programmable Tattoo System
  • http://a.tgcdn.net/images/refresh/carousel/photos/100401-myfirstbacon.jpg

    Giant Plush Microbes
  • http://a.tgcdn.net/images/refresh/carousel/photos/100401-dharma.jpg

    Dharma Initiative Alarm Clock

All The Things You Love:

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Doctor Who
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Portal 2
  • Minecraft


thinkgeek: Yep. We went there. Boldly Went Bodysuit: http://t.co/LYYA5T5Iyo (Adult version coming soon? You wish.) http://t.co/ztARz01eRl

thinkgeek: Where's Carl? Last we saw, he was opening Easter gifts... @ChandlerRiggs w/ our Zombie Bunny: http://t.co/GXAHVpLYMW http://t.co/phbthdbZIo

thinkgeek: Today in Geek History: To party, or not to party, that is the question. Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

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