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Who needs animals when you can snuggle up with a collection of pet viruses?

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The Ultimate Virus Starter Collection!

The only time you'll ever get excited to get a virus! Why nobody has thought of collecting and packaging viruses into a networked device is beyond us. The world at large has been enthralled with computer viruses ever since 1981 when the virus from Texas A&M, named 'Elk Cloner', propagated on Apple II floppies and repeatedly displayed the following prose on many screens:

    It will get on all your disks
    It will infiltrate your chips
    Yes it's Cloner!

Since then, viruses have come along way in both creativity and intent. Whatever the cultural phenomenon behind viruses has been, their impact on computer and Internet history will forever be entrenched. ThinkGeek decided to amass some of the more notorious and culturally significant viruses out there into a common residence and then give you tools to study, prod, and ultimately admire your new collection of 'pets'. All in a 4inch square attractive desktop embedded linux device with an impish motif!


  • 4 inch square black casing with unique appearance
  • SNMC SBC (single board computer)
  • RS232/RS485 Serial Ports
  • 10/100-Base T Ethernet
  • Motorola MPC850 Processor
  • 64MB of SDRAM and 16MB of Flash Memory
  • Linux Kernel 2.2.18, SSHv2, DHCP, Many GNU Tools/Utilities
  • 'Attack Simulation' mode allows viruses to attempt network infiltrations once connected with Ethernet. Disabled by default.

    Over 30 Viruses (most typical variants) In Your Starter Set, Including:

  • Nimda, 2001
  • Slammer, 2003
  • Sobig, 2003
  • Trojan.Xombe, 2004
  • Love Letter, 2000
  • Melissa, 1999
  • Michelangelo, 1992
  • Sircam, 2001
  • CodeRed, 2001
  • Tequila, 1991
  • And many more!
  • Add your own viruses to your set whenever you want using the embedded SSH server on your Pet Computer Virus collection!

    Caution: - Occasionally your Pet viruses may do things that disrupt other computers on your network. Take it in stride, nurture them well and hopefully things will work out for the best. On the bright side your pets will rarely need feeding!

  • HAHA! April Fools!