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The world's only CAFFEINATED breakfast cereal. 180mg of caffeine per bowl!

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Hyper-Caffeinated Cereal From BEYOND!

Throughout the Universe, one man has waged war against both hunger and sleepiness. One man has taken a stand for a healthy, wide-awake, breakfast cereal. Cap'n Buzz! And there is only one cereal worthy of being eaten by the Cap'n: Spazztroids! Why? Because Spazztroids is the only cereal loaded with vitamins, a hyper-sweetener, and loads and loads of caffeine! That's right - CAFFEINE! One bowl of Spazztroids is one healthy bowl of cereal and one-and-a-half strong cups of coffee all rolled into one!

Each serving of Cap'n Buzz's Spazztroids will pump your body with vitamins and nutrients (in yummy, crunchy, space shapes) but you'll also get a 180mg dose of caffeine. Spazztroids is the tasty love child of all we hold dear - sweet foods, snazzy names, and caffeine (the divine nectar of the gods). But the greatest gift of Spazztroids is what is left in your bowl when you have eaten every last bit: caffeinated milk! Just like mamma used to make. So get some of Cap'n Buzz's Spazztroids - the breakfast cereal full of vitamins, nutrients, caffeine, and everything else you need to get up in the morning.

Each serving has 180mg of caffeine and is sweetened with Neotame (an artificial sweetener 13,000 times as sweet as sugar)!

For nutritional information, click here!

HAHA! April Fools!