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The quickest caffeine delivery system we've seen yet.

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Power Air!

Here at ThinkGeek, we've done our best to find new and advanced ways to keep you, our customers, alert and awake. We've introduced caffeinated soap and caffeinated hot sauce, we offer the most caffeinated beverages and mints available, all because we understand the need for that extra something that only caffeine can bring. And now ThinkGeek Labs is proud to present the most revolutionary caffeine delivery system available: Buzzaire.

Buzzaire is, quite simply, a caffeine inhaler. One squeeze, one inhale, and you've just rushed 150mg of caffeine into your blood stream. Mints or drinks have to go through your digestive tract first before partying in your blood (or through your skin, in the case of caffeinated soap). But the lung/blood barrier is the fastest way (other than injection or IV) to get caffeine into your system. Not only will you get one heck of a rush, but you'll also freshen your breath! A hint of peppermint oil in each puff will give you a little extra perk with its peppy zing. Buzzaire can beat up your air!

Warning: Do not take more than 4 doses in a 24 hour period. Too much caffeine can be fatal. If any abnormal symptoms develop, please consult your doctor. Not to be used by children or pets.

Each package contains:

  • 1 Inhaler
  • 2 Buzzaire Cartridges (each with 100 doses)
Caffeine Comparison Chart

Drink/Food Caffeine Content
12oz Can of Coke 34mg
12oz Can of Mt. Dew 37mg
12oz of Jolt Cola 78mg
10oz Bottle of Bawls 80mg
8oz of Brewed Coffee 70-120mg
One breath of Buzzaire 150mg
HAHA! April Fools!