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No more free shirt for you.

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$15.99 - $17.99

Forever out of stock



Doh! You Missed Out!

We had this really cool QR Code™ shirt up here for FREE. But you crazy kids snatched them up, and now we're fresh out of 'em. Which means you can't have one. We even thought about setting aside one for you. Cause we like you best. But we just didn't think that was fair to the rest of the customers. Sorry.

Some important-type stuff that would have been important for you to read if you'd gotten in on the deal:

  • This offer is only good while our supply of shirts lasts. We'll try to have a bunch of shirts, but if we run out, you're outta luck. Which is what you are at this point.
  • You can purchase this shirt if you don't want to buy $15 worth of other products. Just add it to your cart, and check out.
  • This is a limited edition shirt. This is your one chance to get this special shirt, and for free even! w00t!
  • This promotion is valid while supplies last. Only one free shirt per order.
    Because this is a limited edition shirt, we're sorry but there are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.
HAHA! April Fools!