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Steakchamp Smart Steak Thermometer

Your health's at stake

  • Electronic core temperature measuring device with LED display
  • Flashing LED indicates medium rare, medium, and medium well
  • Can be used for beef steaks, salmon steaks, pork loin, game, lamb, or whole (large) fish


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Your health's at stake

We have a lot of friends who like their steaks rare. Basically still mooing. And we can respect that, but we fear for their safety, especially when we're playing host. We don't want to be responsible for the next salmonella or E. coli outbreak. 

And that's one of the reasons we love SteakChamp. With SteakChamp Smart Steak Thermometer, we know exactly (+/- 5°) what the internal temperature of the meat is and whether or not we've hit the appropriate minimum. Its flashing LED indicates medium rare, medium, and medium well, and it can be used with beef steaks, salmon steaks, pork loin, game, lamb, or whole (large) fish. Your medium well will never be dry again, and we'll no longer fear accidentally killing our friends with the main dish. However, the ghost pepper sauce we put on the potatoes might be a different story. 

Product Specifications
  • SteakChamp Smart Steak Thermometer
  • Electronic core temperature measuring device with LED display
  • Gets you to the perfect steak
  • Pre-programmed core temperatures can be used for beef steaks, salmon steaks, pork loin, game, lamb, or whole (large) fish
  • Three-color LED flashing signal
    • Green = medium rare (120-125°F)
    • Yellow = medium (135-140°F)
    • Red = medium well (149-153°F)
  • Suitable for grill, frying pan, oven/broiler, and induction cooktops
  • Works best with 1 1/2"-2" thick steaks
  • Calculates the core area temperature of the meat through integrated temperature measurements along large parts of the metal probe
  • When grilling multiple steaks, use a single SteakChamp as reference probe
  • Materials: Stainless steel and chalk soda glass
  • Care Instructions: Clean under running water. Not suitable for dishwashers.
  • Imported 
  • Batteries: Internal non-replaceable (good for over 1000 uses)
  • Automatically switches off to conserve battery 5 minutes after cooking is completed or 30 minutes without any temperature increase
  • Can be used even at very high temperatures (660°F, for short periods even up to 900°F)
  • Dimensions: 3.4" long x 0.2" diameter SteakChamp, 4.5" long x 1.4" wide activator
  • Weight: 0.6 oz. SteakChamp, 0.7 oz. activator
  • Includes SteakChamp, activator, and guide

Steakchamp Smart Steak Thermometer Video:

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