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Build Your Own European-Style Charm Bracelet and Charm Beads

Invented at ThinkGeek

Build Your Own Charm Bracelet Below

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Your Bracelet, Just How You Like It

We've always liked the concept of charm bracelets. The idea that you get a tiny object to wear that commemorates an event or reminds you of something special makes us happy. The trick is that with this most recent style of popular bracelets, we've never found anything that really clicked for us. "I could get the faceted glass bead in my birthstone color, and it'd go with a lot of stuff I wear." "Sure, that one with the vines on it is pretty, but it isn't really ME." There wasn't anything out there that allowed us to express our inner geek divas.

And then it struck us. We're ThinkGeek. We could create a line of geek-appropriate beads ourselves! And thus this bracelet was born.

One of our favorite things about these bracelets is that you build them yourself, so the final piece of jewelry really is uniquely yours. If you just consider buying one of each of the beads below and the bracelet, you can stack them in 2,432,902,008,176,640,000 different combinations.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

We had these sterling silver bracelets custom made for us with a toggle closure because we think toggles are so much easier to close with one hand than lobster clasps or twisty things or whatnot. Plus, that gives you a bit more play with the sizing. The toggle bar itself attaches with a lobster clasp to allow you to put beads on and take them off. The chain is 3mm in diameter, which means it fits basically all major brands of bead, whether they have threads or not: PANDORA, Chamilia, and Biagi (sorry, Troll folks). So if you have beads but want the toggle bracelet, chances are your beads will fit on this bracelet. Conversely, if you have a bracelet but want more beads, these beads have really large holes and will fit all major brands of bracelet (including Troll). We have compatibility issues every day with our computers. We don't need them with our jewelry.

Product Specifications

  • Each bracelet is made of solid sterling silver.
  • Toggle closure for easy on-off.
  • Many geeky designs you cannot find at your local jewelry store - available only at ThinkGeek!
  • Note: The weave of the silver will eventually cause it to stretch. If that happens to a bracelet that used to fit perfectly, pop another bead on.
  • Bling Mushroom Bead not for children under 14.
  • Contains small parts. Not for children under 3.

Leather Bracelet/Necklace

We're a fan of dual-purpose here at ThinkGeek. Why carry two things when you could carry one that does both jobs? Hammers that are bottle openers. Axes that are crow bars. But we don't restrict ourselves to tools. We take this approach with all our products. For example, this long, woven leather bracelet wraps around your wrist to offer three times the real estate for beads. Or, if you'd rather, you can choose to wear it as a 24 3/4" necklace. Two pieces of jewelry in one.

We knew we wanted to add a leather bracelet to our jewelry mix, but it took us a few months to find the perfect one which fits every single one of ThinkGeek's European-style beads. We checked. Twice. The lobster clasp is actually dual-sided and removable for ease of adding beads. If you go for the d20 clip, it functions as a stopper bead on this bracelet, which is an added bonus.

Product Specifications

  • A modern update to the typical European-style charm bracelet
  • Triple-wrap leather charm bracelet doubles as a single-strand necklace
  • Materials: leather, double-sided clasp is silver-plated pewter
  • Capacity: 7-9 beads (see below)
  • Note: Leather stretches. We recommend you do not put heavy beads on this bracelet. After a few months if the leather stretches so that it no longer works as a triple-wrap on you, add another bead to take up the excess slack or wear it as a necklace.
  • Dimensions: 24 3/4" long, widest diameter 3.49mm
  • Double-sided lobster clasp removes from bracelet entirely if so desired for ease of adding beads and charms
  • Weight: 1/4 oz.
  • Clean stains with a damp towel and leather conditioner
  • Contains small parts. Not for children under 3.

When choosing a bracelet size, measure tightly where your wrist is widest and add an inch. That's your "average" bracelet size for a handful of beads (like the image above). If you plan to put lots of beads on the bracelet, order up a size. As you put more beads on, they effectively tighten the bracelet around your wrist. If you plan to highlight just one or two beads, order a size down. If you're ordering a gift for someone whose wrist size you can't get easily, just go with the 7.5". It's the most common. She can use the trick above (putting beads on and taking them off) to get to a length she's comfortable with.

Bracelets and charms come in small, glossy black jewelry boxes, suitable for gifting. The boxes are lined with tarnish-resistant cotton to keep your jewelry shiny longer when not in use.

For our customers with nickel allergies: Click on the bead above to see composition details.

*This product is imported.

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