Fun without annoyance

  • Silent to you, squeaky to your dog!
  • 8 KHz higher than any human can hear
  • Stuffing-free body for less post-play clean-up
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Fun without annoyance

Dogs love the interactive quality of squeaky toys. They can chomp down on a plush and it will squeal in response. Chomp, squeak, chomp, squeak, chomp chomp, squeak squeak. This is endless fun for your dog... until you snatch the toy away because the squeaking is driving you crazy.

The folks at Hear Doggy came up with a solution: the ultrasonic squeaker! Human hearing tops out at 20 KHz. (The "mosquito tone" that can only be heard by young people is between 14-17 Khz.) Your canine companion can hear sounds all the way up to 45 KHz. So Hear Doggy created a 28 KHz squeaker. To humans, it sounds like air, but to a dog, it's a satisfying squeak that will keep them entertained without driving you nuts.

Product Specifications

  • Squeaky toys that can only be heard by your dog
  • Squeaker is at 28 KHz (humans can't hear over 20 KHz)
  • All the fun of a regular squeaky toy for your dog, no headaches for you
  • Flat, stuffing-free body construction keeps your carpet clean
  • Chew rating: Casual chewer
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Choose: Cat or Beaver
  • Dimensions: approx. 13" long

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