Desktop Jellyfish Tank

2011 Best Product at Global Pet Expo

  • Keep one very unique desktop pet
  • Comes with everything you need for a jelly
  • Squishy will arrive later by overnight mail


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2011 Best Product at Global Pet Expo

Looking for a totally unique pet that will remind you to just keep swimming? How about a jellyfish you can keep on your desktop at work? We discovered this product when it was a top project on Kickstarter and won the Best Product award at the Global Pet Expo. It was just awesome enough for us to want several of our very own. We named them all Squishy, naturally.

This set comes with everything you need for a jellyfish habitat: the tank, air pump and valves, hydrometer, substrate, feeding pipette, and even a color-changing LED with remote control so your Squishy looks super cool.

The one thing it doesn't come with right away? The jellyfish. Obviously our robot warehouse monkeys would squish them and then they would be squished and that would be horrible. So what you'll get in your kit is a voucher. Go to the jellyfish website listed, pop in your voucher code, and one very special Moon Jellyfish will be shipped to your door overnight for no additional charge. (It also is backed by an Arrive Alive Guarantee.)

Your Jellyfish Tank can also hold other saltwater fish and invertebrates. We recommend you consult with your local marine life expert regarding appropriate tankmates for your Moon Jelly.

Product Specifications

  • Includes shipping cost for the live jellyfish and three month supply of food, which will ship to you via overnight mail after you've set up your tank.
  • Your kit includes:
    • Acrylic Desktop Jellyfish Tank
    • Feeding Pipette
    • Whisper Quiet Air Pump
    • Airline
    • Adjustable Airline Valve
    • Check Valve
    • Hydrometer
    • Substrate
    • Color-Changing LED and Remote Control
    • LED Power Supply
    • Voucher to redeem your jellyfish & food with free overnight shipping
  • Tank Specifications:
    • 6 Gallons
    • Salt Water Ready
    • 17"H x 15"W x 8"L
    • Clear Front and Back Panels
    • White Opaque Sides and Base
    • Optimized for Jellyfish
    • Also Holds Fish or Invertebrates
  • Jellyfish Specifications:
    • Small Moon Jellyfish, 1.5" diameter (approx.)
    • White saucer-shaped body
    • Looks like a pulsing full moon
    • Four-leaf clover shape on stomach
    • Do not sting (or rather, their venom does not affect people)
    • Will ship overnight via FedEx and is guaranteed to arrive alive
    • Answers to "Squishy"