Star Trek Limited Edition 24k Gold Pizza Cutter

Invented at ThinkGeek

Goldly go where no pizza has gone before

  • 24-karat gold plated pizza cutter, limited edition
  • NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek the original series
  • Officially licensed Star Trek collectible


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Limited Edition of 1701 Units! Individually Numbered Yep. There are only 1701 of these gold beauties in the world and one could be yours... or not... up to you. You could always buy one from eBay later for double the price ;)

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Goldly go where no pizza has gone before

Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new pizzas, to seek out new toppings and new cheeses, to boldy cut pizza where no man has cut before! Yes, this officially licensed Star Trek collectible is everything you hoped it would be. Laser etched stainless steel blade and solid metal construction make it perfect for battling Romulans in the neutral zone or precision pizza slicing.

You'll find that the prime mission of the Enterprise has become very pizza centric. You loved our chrome-plated pizza cutter so much, we thought we'd up the fancy and offer this limited edition, 24 karat gold-plated Enterprise for the holidays. It's an amazing gift for any Star Trek fan and comes in a beautiful padded gift box. Only 1701 of these have been made and each features a number etched into the blade. Own a little piece of history about the future!

Product Features

  • Metal pizza cutter in the form of the famous Enterprise NCC-1701
  • Limited edition: Only 1701 made, each is numbered
  • Laser etched stainless steel blade with REAL 24-karat gold plated body
  • Designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek
  • EXCLUSIVE - Only Available at ThinkGeek
  • Officially licensed Star Trek collectible
  • Blade diameter: 4"
  • Total length including blade: 8.5"
  • Weight: 277 grams
  • Hand wash only