Build Your Own European-Style Charm Bracelet and Charm Beads

Your Bracelet, Just How You Like It

  • Choose from 3 bracelet lengths (with removable toggle for adding beads) and 20 different beads.
  • Many designs you can find only at ThinkGeek.
  • You have to order Bracelet and Charms Separately

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Steampunk Gears Charm Bead
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Your Bracelet, Just How You Like It

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We've always liked the concept of charm bracelets. The idea that you get a tiny object to wear that commemorates an event or reminds you of something special makes us happy. The trick is that with this most recent style of popular bracelets, we've never found anything that really clicked for us. "I could get the faceted glass bead in my birthstone color, and it'd go with a lot of stuff I wear." "Sure, that one with the vines on it is pretty, but it isn't really ME." There wasn't anything out there that allowed us to express our inner geek divas.

And then it struck us. We're ThinkGeek. We could create a line of geek-appropriate beads ourselves! And thus this bracelet was born.

One of our favorite things about these bracelets is that you build them yourself, so the final piece of jewelry really is uniquely yours. If you just consider buying one of each of the beads below and the bracelet, you can stack them in 2,432,902,008,176,640,000 different combinations.

Not that you'd want to, mind you, but you could. The mathematical potential is there. So let's tell you a little about each of them:

  • 8-Bit Heart Bead - 8-bit heart charm bead in sterling-silver-covered pewter. 13mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • Bacon Bead - Bacon photo charm bead in sterling-silver-covered pewter. 12mm along the bracelet, 4.5mm hole.
  • Bling Mushroom Bead - A ThinkGeek Exclusive! A super-sparkly, sterling silver mushroom with pavé green and clear crystals on the cap. 14mm along the bracelet, 5mm hole.
  • Camera Bead - A classically-styled camera with a tiny rhinestone that adds sparkle to the "lens". Silver-plated pewter. 10mm along the bracelet, 4.5mm hole.
  • Celtic Knot Bead - A pretty little spacer that lets you express your love of Celtic design or woven things. Silver-plated pewter. 5mm along the bracelet, 4.5mm hole.
  • Claddagh Bead - Three of the iconic Irish symbol (hands, heart, and crown) encircle this bead, all pointing the same direction, so you can still turn it toward you or away from you as appropriate. Silver-plated pewter. 9mm along the bracelet, 4.5mm hole.
  • d20 Clip - A ThinkGeek Exclusive! Tiny replica of a d20 with numbers engraved on each side. Hollow, sterling silver bead clips around the bracelet; with larger-diameter bracelets functions as a stopper bead. 10mm along the bracelet, 4mm hole.
  • DIY Nut Bead - It's a nut for repair nuts. From our friends at Ohm. Sterling Silver. 4.75mm hole.
  • DIY Screw Bead - Phillips-head screw bent to wrap around your bracelet. From our friends at Ohm. Sterling Silver. 4.75mm hole.
  • Doctor Who Blue TARDIS Dangle Charm - 3D enamel TARDIS charm hangs from bail. Total dangle 29mm, 9mm wide, 6mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • Doctor Who Silver TARDIS Bead - A ThinkGeek Exclusive! Tiny TARDIS in all silver. Zinc alloy core with high-polish, nickel-free plating. 4.5mm hole.
  • Doctor Who Weeping Angel Charm - 3D weeping angel hangs from a bail which reads "Don't blink." Total dangle 32mm, 7mm wide, angel is 16mm wide, 4mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • Firefly Serenity Bead - A ThinkGeek Exclusive! Serenity with yellow enamel on the Firefly drive and blue-green rhinestones for the nacelles. Zinc alloy with rhodium plating. 4.5mm hole.
  • Knight Bead - Tiny but fierce. Sterling silver knight bust wields shield and sword. From our friends at Ohm. 10mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • Latte (He)art - For lovers of coffee. A solid sterling silver cup of latte with concentric hearts traced in the foam. From our friends at Ohm. 13mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • My Computer Bead - A happy computer that many of us remember fondly. Sterling silver set with a single green crystal where the branding would be and a tiny slot for disks. Even has the ports etched on the back. From our friends at Ohm. 12mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • Portal Companion Cube Bead - A ThinkGeek Exclusive! An officially-licensed Portal product! The tiniest Companion Cube EVAR. Sterling-silver with pink enamel hearts and a rhodium coating to prevent tarnishing. 9mm along the bracelet, 5mm hole.
  • Screen Burn Bead - Deep, dark sparkle you're not likely to find elsewhere. A laboratory-created opal rondelle glitters with midnight blues and Matrix greens. Core is sterling silver. 6mm along the bracelet, 5mm hole.
  • Space Lampwork Bead - A ThinkGeek Exclusive! Black lampwork glass with blue dichroic flecks to mimic stars, which is appropriate since dichroic glass was developed by NASA for use in the space program. Core is sterling silver. 9mm along the bracelet, 4.5 mm hole.
  • Steampunk Gears Bead - Shiny and black cogs interlaced, as if it's been pulled from the heart of some machine. Sterling silver. From our friends at Ohm. 4.75mm hole.
  • Super Mom Bead - An iconic shape for a Super Mom. Sterling silver insignia has an oversized M on one side and the words "Super Mom" and a heart on the reverse. From our friends at Ohm. 11mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • T. Rex Bead - Tiny, carnivorous dinosaur skull rendered entirely in silver. From our friends at Ohm.16mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • Timmy Charm - A ThinkGeek Exclusive! ThinkGeek Timmy in solid sterling silver. Front has Timmy's features; back is convex and undecorated. Timmy measures 16mm ear to ear and 14mm crown to chin. Total length from top of holder 24mm. Charm holder measures 2mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.
  • Unicorn Tears Bead - Pastel sparkle you're not likely to find elsewhere. A laboratory-created opal rondelle glitters with cotton candy pink and lavender mist, just like real unicorn tears. Core is sterling silver. 6mm along the bracelet, 5mm hole.
  • Union Jack Bead - Anglophiles unite! Funky cyan and blazing red enamel lines cover this sterling silver bead, mimicing the flag of the United Kingdom. 8mm along the bracelet, 5 mm hole.
  • Winged Unicorn - Call it a pegacorn, a unipeg, an alicorn, or just Princess Celestia. Silver-plated pewter. 9mm along the bracelet, 4.5mm hole.
  • Wizarding Hat Bead - The sort of hat a young wizard might wear in a banquet hall. Sterling silver floppy, pointed, brimmed hat. From our friends at Ohm. 14mm along the bracelet, 4.75mm hole.

We had these sterling silver bracelets custom made for us with a toggle closure because we think toggles are so much easier to close with one hand than lobster clasps or twisty things or whatnot. Plus, that gives you a bit more play with the sizing. The toggle bar itself attaches with a lobster clasp to allow you to put beads on and take them off. The chain is 3mm in diameter, which means it fits basically all major brands of bead, whether they have threads or not: PANDORA, Chamilia, and Biagi (sorry, Troll folks). So if you have beads but want the toggle bracelet, chances are your beads will fit on this bracelet. Conversely, if you have a bracelet but want more beads, these beads have really large holes and will fit all major brands of bracelet (including Troll). We have compatibility issues every day with our computers. We don't need them with our jewelry.

When choosing a bracelet size, measure tightly where your wrist is widest and add an inch. That's your "average" bracelet size for a handful of beads (like the image above). If you plan to put lots of beads on the bracelet, order up a size. As you put more beads on, they effectively tighten the bracelet around your wrist. If you plan to highlight just one or two beads, order a size down. If you're ordering a gift for someone whose wrist size you can't get easily, just go with the 7.5". It's the most common. She can use the trick above (putting beads on and taking them off) to get to a length she's comfortable with.

Bracelets and charms come in small, glossy black jewelry boxes, suitable for gifting. The boxes are lined with tarnish-resistant cotton to keep your jewelry shiny longer when not in use.

Product Specifications

  • Each bracelet is made of solid sterling silver.
  • Toggle closure for easy on-off.
  • Many geeky designs you cannot find at your local jewelry store - available only at ThinkGeek!
  • Note: The weave of the silver will eventually cause it to stretch. If that happens to a bracelet that used to fit perfectly, pop another bead on.
  • Bling Mushroom Bead not for children under 14.
  • Contains small parts. Not for children under 3.

For our customers with nickel allergies: the Bling Mushroom Bead, Celtic Knot Bead,  d20 Clip, DIY Nut Bead, DIY Screw Bead, Firefly Serenity Bead, Knight Bead, Latte (He)art, My Computer Bead, Portal Companion Cube Bead, Screen Burn Bead, Steampunk Gears Bead, Super Mom Bead, T. Rex Bead, Timmy Charm, Unicorn Tears Bead, Winged Unicorn Bead, and Wizarding Hat Bead are either nickel-free or have rhodium coatings. The Space Bead contains nickel, but the metal part doesn't touch your skin. All other pieces have small amounts of nickel, low enough to meet the guidelines set forth in EU Nickel Directive 94/27/EC.

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