Doctor Who Titans Blind Boxed Vinyl Figures

Trust Me, I'm the Doctor

  • Collect all 14 characters, including the 11th Doctor
  • 3" vinyl figurines including Cybermen and Daleks
  • Act out all your favorite scenes!


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Note: These figures are blind boxed (see FAQ below) and are non-returnable.

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The 11th Doctor Series 2
( Est. 1-3 weeks )
10th Doctor Gallifrey Figures
( Est. 10/ 3 )
Regeneration Collection
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Trust Me, I'm the Doctor

You know what your desk needs? It needs the world's best bow-tie-wearing time traveler, his TARDIS, and some of his frightening foes, all arranged around your computer, helping you through your timey-wimey day.

Each of these three-inch-tall vinyl figurines comes to you blind boxed, which means they are chosen randomly from the 14 figures in this series. So be careful when you open the box: you might find a Time Lord looking for a companion, or you might find a Dalek ready to EXTERMINATE you on the spot. Which figure will you get? You'll just have to have a little faith. After all, he's a Doctor.

Product Specifications

  • One blind-boxed Doctor Who vinyl figure
  • Add to your collection of good things (and evil things)!
  • Collect all 29 characters in this series, including:
    • 11th Doctor
    • TARDIS
    • Ood
    • Judoon
    • Silurian
    • Dalek
    • Cyberman
    • 10th Doctor
    • Weeping Angel
    • Sontaran
    • Adipose
  • The 11th Doctor, Ood, Judoon, and Silurian each come with a character-specific accessory
  • Series also includes four "chase figures" which are released in limited numbers.
  • Officially licensed Doctor Who collectible
  • Dimensions: approx. 3" tall
  • Weight: approx. 3.2 ounces

Blind Box FAQ
You say these are "Blind Boxed." What does that mean?
It means you can't choose which one of the assortment you receive. If you buy one or more units of this product you will get a random selection of the figures shown.

What if I buy four? Will I get four different models?
Maybe. Maybe not. It is unlikely, but all four may be the same. They are random.

I want a specific one now! Why can't you dig around in a box somewhere, find the one I want and mail it to me?
Two reasons:
    1. Our Robotic Warehouse Monkeys don't have the ability to discern the difference between various mini figures. They use their mechanical claw hands to reach into a box and pull some items for your order. You get what you get.

    2. The packaging on these toys makes it impossible from the outside to tell what figure they contain. We would have to open the sealed package and hunt for specific mini figures. This is not really feasible. Or a good idea. Plus, it lets us give you an awesome surprise, which we like doing.

PLEASE NOTE: Blind Boxed products are non-returnable.