Handy tiny tool

  • It's a keychain!
  • It's a tiny pickaxe!
  • You can put keys on it, or use it to break apart tiny barriers
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Handy tiny tool

You thought you could outrun them. But no, as you turn you see the zombie pigmen, still coming your way, lusting for your blood. Crap, crap, crap. You reach in your Bag of Holding and fumble for your keys. They were in here earlier. WHERE ARE THEY? Closer, ever closer, come the zombie pigmen. If only you could get into your house, you'd be safe. Even if you could just break down this wooden door, you could hide in your panic room. But how?

Your hand finally brushes against salvation - your pickaxe keychain! Not only does it hold all your keys, it's also a sturdy lil' pickaxe, ready to make short work of any barrier. Thankfully, keys are less messy. You turn your key in the lock, rush inside, and slam the door behind you, locking the zombie pigmen out. You're safe. For now...

Product Specifications

  • Break down tiny walls with this pickaxe
  • Works best if you attach your keys to it
  • Officially licensed Minecraft collectible
  • Material: Sturdy metal
  • Dimensions: 1.5" long

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