Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System

Invented at ThinkGeek

Kick it up a notch

  • Set of programmable light strips for your shoes
  • 16 different colors and adjustable brightness
  • Bring the dancefloor to your feet

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Kick it up a notch

Kids get all the good stuff. They get milk and cookies. They get specially-designated time for reading and napping. And they get light-up shoes. *adult tantrum* It just isn't fair.

We can't make your place of business instantiate nap time, but we can give you those light-up shoes. In fact, you already have the shoes. We're just going to add in the light-up functionality to make your current footwear 72% more awesome.

Light Kicks are designed to pulse and fade to your step. Simply attach the Light Kicks to your sneakers, choose from a variety of colors and flashy effects with the included remote control, and dazzle everyone around you with dynamic splashes of color instigated by your feet.

Product Specifications

  • Add amazing Multi-Color LED light effects to any pair of shoes
  • Great for dancing, clubbing, grocery shopping
  • Effects can be synchronized with your stepping
  • Five different modes provide awesome light show variations
    • Constant on - A single color is always displayed.
    • Flash - A single color will flash once every time you take a step.
    • Strobe - A single color will blink 3 times every time you take a step.
    • Fade - A single color will fade on and off again every time you take a step.
    • Smooth - Two colors will alternate every time you take a step.
  • Included IR remote allows each foot to be programmed independently
  • 16 different colors and adjustable brightness
  • Intended for shoes 4"+ wide with at least 3" of lacing on the front (athletic shoes, combat boots, hiking boots, work boots, some men's and women's oxfords and boat shoes)
  • Batteries: 6 1.5V AAA batteries (not included) and 1 3V CR2025 button cell battery for remote (included)
  • Automatically turn off after 2 minutes if no steps or remote actions are detected
  • Dimensions: Light strips are 4 1/2" wide, 7" long
  • Includes 2 light strips and one IR remote
  • Not water-resistant

Light Kicks LED Shoe Light System Video:

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