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Jellyfish2 Color Lamp

With this slick and colorful lamp, your friends will be jelly.

  • Make your friends jelly with this lamp
  • Over 16 million colors to choose from
  • Fixed color or flow through all the colors


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With this slick and colorful lamp, your friends will be jelly.

Squishy Pantone isn't your average jellyfish, lounging around in the ocean, stinging fish and humans alike. He's a color copying gangsta who always plays his cards right. And by cards, he means colors. Chili Pepper, Blue Iris, Mimosa, Turquoise... when the whims of the public change, so does Squishy Pantone. Squishy succeeds in life because he's able to meet people where they are and exude a certain glow that is both charming and comforting. It's no wonder he's riding around Bikini Bottom in a drop-top Benz.

Squishy is an electronic glowing jellyfish lamp that can illuminate in over 16 million colors. Feeling moody? Squishy is the friend who can be whatever you want him to be: Red with anger, different red for amorous, different red for energetic... we'd go on, but Squishy can do over 16 million colors and we've got other things to do today. Set your Jellyfish Lamp to whatever color you like or put it in Flow Color mode for an ever-shifting display. Squishy is a great friend to anyone who loves color. Perhaps that graphic designerd you know...?


Product Specifications

  • LED mood lamp adjusts to your many moods
  • Over 16 million colors to choose from, one for every mood
  • Winner: 2010 Red Dot Design Award
  • Functions: Single color or Flow Color (all the colors)
  • Power: Plugs into standard US 110v outlet
  • Dimensions: Approx 9" x 5.5"

Jellyfish2 Color Lamp Video: