Launch Pad Mil-Spec iPad Sleeve

Take your iPad to war

  • So durable, it's practically bulletproof
  • MOLLE for carrying your large and small accessories
  • Internal dimensions: 11.1" x 8.2" (fits any tablet or e-reader this big or smaller)


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Take your iPad to war

Durable Condura 1000D Exterior

We sincerely hope you're not heading off to a real war. Maybe you're just living in a war zone... say, with a klutzy roommate or a herd of small children. You can also admit that the Person Most Likely to Destroy the iPad is yourself. It's not the kind of "Most Likely" award you wanted to win in life, but at least you know thyself, right?

The Launch Pad Mil-Spec iPad Sleeve is made of durable Cordura with generous quilted interior padding colored like the interiors of transport aircraft. It has back surface MOLLE for larger pouches to store things like cameras or emergency batteries, and smaller pouches for cables, flash drives, or a handy multitool. High-quality recessed velcro closures and unique security-closure on front featuring a removable shock-cord elastic keep your iPad and stuff safely inside. Two grommeted and filtered air vents provide ventilation to keep your iPad cool. A mil-spec corner steel triangle ring lets you clip on a carabiner, keychain, or wrist loop. What more could you want in an iPad case?

Product Specifications

  • Mil-spec iPad case fits iPads (even those in a thin case)
  • Made of Cordura with Velcro closures and security closure
  • MOLLE for large and small pouches to store additional items & accessories
  • High quality recessed hook & loop closures
  • Soft padded interior will keep your iPad safe and secure
  • Steel carbine type triangular gear loop
  • MOLLE loops for magazine pouches to be attached
  • Color: Black
  • Internal dimensions: 11.1" x 8.2"

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