A Feast of Ice & Fire - Official Game of Thrones Cookbook

The Official Companion Cookbook

  • Recipes inspired by Game of Thrones novels
  • Eat them when you watch the TV show!
  • Includes a foreword by George R.R. Martin


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The Official Companion Cookbook

"Then perhaps seven courses would suffice. Three hundred guests instead of a thousand. I understand that a marriage can be just as binding without a dancing bear." - Tyrion Lannister, on frugal wedding planning

Does reading George R.R. Martin's novels make you hungry? Us too. It seems that on every other page there's a mouthwatering description of some sort of food. Superfans and amateur chefs Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer researched authentic medieval meals and developed many of the recipes described in the book. There's no problem if you lack a camel, live doves, or other rare ingredients: the authors have suggestions for easily acquirable substitutions.

In all, A Feast of Ice and Fire contains more than 100 recipes, divided by region:

  • The Wall: Rack of Lamb and Herbs; Pork Pie; Mutton in Onion-Ale Broth; Mulled Wine; Pease Porridge
  • The North: Beef and Bacon Pie; Honeyed Chicken; Aurochs with Roasted Leeks; Baked Apples
  • The South: Cream Swans; Trout Wrapped in Bacon; Stewed Rabbit; Sister's Stew; Blueberry Tarts
  • King’s Landing: Lemon Cakes; Quails Drowned in Butter; Almond Crusted Trout; Bowls of Brown; Iced Milk with Honey
  • Dorne: Stuffed Grape Leaves; Duck with Lemons; Chickpea Paste
  • Across the Narrow Sea: Biscuits and Bacon; Tyroshi Honeyfingers; Wintercakes; Honey-Spiced Locusts

The book also includes a guide to dining and entertainment, Westeros-style, full-color photographs that will make you drool, and passages from all five books in the series.

  • Author: Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, Sariann Lehrer, and George R.R. Martin
  • Publisher: Bantam
  • ISBN: 978-0345534491
  • Pages: 240
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Year: 2012
  • Edition: 1st
  • Genre: Cookbooks