Doctor Who Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are cool.

  • Sticky notes fit for a Time Lord.
  • 6 different note pads with over 300 sticky notes.
  • Don't forget to pick up the dry cleaning . . . three years ago in your future!


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Sticky notes are cool.

Doctor Who Sticky Notes

Doctor Who Sticky Notes

And that's why you should buy a bunch of these Doctor Who Sticky Notes. Six different sticky note pads with over 300 sticky notes altogether! Also on different planets. We know you'll think of loads of uses for all these - perhaps leaving a special note for a little girl in a museum? Read on to learn more about what you get inside each pack of Doctor Who Sticky Notes. But promise us - no spoilers!

One little book opens to reveal a bunch of fun Doctor Who Sticky Notes. The Doctor loves leaving messages for people in many different time zones, time periods, and dimensions. You'll get 4 little Dalek pads (good for one word commands or just menacing your coworkers), one TARDIS pad (for timely notes), and one we're calling the Doctor To Do List (for making sure you're in the proper time and dimension). Guess what? We have a fun new Doctor Who office product for you!

Please Note: The sentences in the above product description for the Doctor Who Sticky Notes will appear in the proper order if you are a time traveler - if not, they will seem to be jumbled up and confusing. Carry on.

Doctor Who Sticky Notes

  • Six different sticky note pads for keeping track of all your time travelling ways.
  • Over 300 sticky notes in all.
  • Sticky Note Roll Call: 4 Dalek Pads (Black, Yellow, Blue, Red), 1 TARDIS Pad, and 1 Doctor To Do List.
  • Dimensions: varies: 1.5" x 0.75" (Dalek) to approx. 4" x 3" (Doctor To Do List).

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